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Digital Ad Terms You Need To Know

A/B Testing: When you compare different versions of digital ads or website landing pages to see which one performs better. An A/B test for digital ads would be running two different versions of ad creative and then measuring which version gets a higher engagement from viewers. Above The Fold: This is a term from the print advertising industry. In digital, [...]

Do Digital Display Ads Drive Phone Calls?

If the question is “Does display advertising influence consumers to make a phone call?”  The answer to this question is absolutely “yes.”  Digital advertising drives phone calls, but they are not always immediate. According to a research study done by Marchex, display ads influence 60x more phone calls than they do a direct click-to-call. On average, they find that approximately 2% [...]

Facebook Adding “Holiday Shopping” Ad Targeting Category

Facebook has announced that starting on Thanksgiving and running through New Year’s Day they will let advertisers target ads on Facebook and Instagram to people who publish posts related to the holidays. How will they do this? Facebook looks for holiday-related keywords in people’s posts, what they like, comment on and share. This means advertisers can zero in on people who are [...]

What is Co-Op Advertising?

Cooperative advertising is a great way to help supplement media spending and even increase your ROI by reaching more of your target audience. What is Co-Op Advertising? Cooperative advertising is when a business or brand who wishes to advertise, whether it be via radio, print, television, or digital, partners with a manufacturer of a product that they sell, and runs ads with that [...]

How To Use Facebook & Instagram Ads For Automotive Dealers

With all the new Facebook and Instagram ad targeting options for automotive dealers, you need a “cheat sheet” to remember all the available options!  We’ve been testing this platform for automotive dealerships with stellar results.  Here are the basics you should know if this is an important vertical for you, and you can print it out and use for [...]

Facebook Advertising… in a Nutshell!

If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook is everywhere and it’s not going away anytime soon. But that’s OK. With over 72% of online adults using the platform, the highest of any of its social counterparts, Facebook has become an advertising goldmine. It’s not every day that you find an advertising platform that can let you target individuals down to [...]

Geo-Fencing and Geo-Targeting: What’s the Difference?

Digital jargon can be pretty confusing at times.  Many words can have different meanings and it’s important to dig further into their true definitions.  For example, keyword targeting could mean Pay-Per-Click, organic keyword display, or can even mean targeting keywords on your website to increase a websites SEO value.  See what I mean? Confusing! Most often confused? GEOs!  I often [...]

7 No Cost/Low Cost Resources For Digital Marketing Help

You know that feeling you get when you learn a new shortcut? Whether it is a keyboard shortcut, a new trick on your phone or just a shorter distance between two places you travel regularly…finding a quicker way is exciting! You save time, resources and money all while eliminating stress. It feels awesome! If you are a small business or [...]

Mobile Ad Spend 2017: Why You Should Care

Back in 2008, an analyst by the name of Mary Meeker predicted that “mobile will overtake fixed internet access by 2014”. Many well-respected individuals laughed at her prediction. Fortunately, they are no longer laughing. Halfway through 2014, the number of global mobile users eclipsed the number of global desktop users according to a study by ComScore. In 2015, that [...]

Google Analytics: Unlocking the insights in the Audience Overview Report

If knowledge is power than knowledge of Google Analytics is a super power. In a previous post I covered how to understand the Home Page of Google Analytics. In this post, we’ll tackle the Audience Overview Report. This report gives you basic information about a website’s performance and traffic. You can navigate to this report by first logging in to [...]

Instagram: Marketing’s Rising Star.

Instagram launched in October, 2010, as an easy way to upload and share photos with people who shared similar interests. Their app quickly became a staple for smart phone owners around the world, garnering over one million users in just two months. This early success did not go unnoticed either. Two years later, they joined Facebook as the sites premier [...]

Landing Pages: The Key to Conversions

Landing pages are specific pages on your website that someone lands on after they click or engage with an advertisement that are used to get a viewer to fill out a form, sign up for something, or to call someone. These actions are what we call conversions, and they are what every digital marketing campaign strives for. One of the [...]

What Is Household IP Targeting?

Are you currently running any direct mail campaigns? Do you have a niche customer base? Is reaching very specific households (or businesses) helpful? If you could purchase a list of new potential customer leads, what would you look for? These are just a few questions to determine if household IP Targeting is right for you.  IP Targeting is the process of targeting [...]

What is A/B testing, and how can I use it to my advantage?

Digital display advertising is great. It allows you to show potential customers more than just a few words. It is this style of advertising that tends to better engage viewers. However, creating an effective display ad is not always the easiest thing to do. Sure, it has become A LOT easier to actually create the ads, thanks to the [...]

A Tool I’m Totally Geeking Out Over Right Now: Hotjar

Having been in the digital marketing business for quite some time I’ve tested out a lot of different tools: SEO tools, website auditing tools, keyword creation tools, pixel finding tools, traffic monitoring tools, etc.  I recently stumbled across a tool that I find completely fascinating and is helping to improve the efficiency of our website called Hotjar. In a [...]

Call Tracking: The Hidden Gem of Digital Advertising

When putting together a digital campaign, it is always important to figure out how you will track, monitor and evaluate them.The most common way is to look at a campaign report which will give you all sorts of useful data. However, there is one tool that is can help make the evaluation of your campaigns even more comprehensive. Call [...]

Ad Blocking? Does It Matter To Advertisers?

(updated 1/24/16) Ad blocking continues to be the hot topic in digital. Ad blocking has been around a long time but is in the news because of the Apple release of iOS 9 which now allows developers to develop apps for the iPhone that block ads. Ad blocking is not part of the operating system, a user would need [...]

Going Digital? Know your Audience.

Here at Vici we get asked a ton of questions about campaign optimization. One of the most popular questions is “What is the best way to target this specific group of people?” The answer to this question isn’t exactly straight forward, but there are a few things that can be done to help maximize exposure of a campaign to [...]

Traditional Advertising, Where Does It Drive Consumers? Online!

Consumers are watching TV and listening to the radio and the adverting they are consuming while doing so, is having an impact on them: It is driving them straight online. Research shows that 74% of people go online for more information on products and services advertised on TV and Radio. We are not watching TV alone. We may be alone [...]

Ad Spending 2020: Digital Video is King

Rarely does something compel me to write, but an article I came across on Business Insider did just that. Well, the chart that accompanied it did most of the work, take a look. Digital advertising has without a doubt been on the rise. With increasingly more people adopting a digital and mobile lifestyle, the value of digital content has skyrocketed. [...]

Do You Understand Your Google Analytics Home Page?

If you have a website, you should have a website analytics software program loaded to track your website statistics. Google Analytics is a free program that adds a small snippet of code that is placed on all pages of a website. It gathers detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources, even tracking conversions or sales. In this post, I’ll [...]

Chrome moves on without Flash. Finally.

Flash-based advertising has been around for a while, providing a way for digital advertisers to incorporate interactive, animated, and audio components into their ads. This type of advertising is often called “rich media creative” and often returns a higher CTR thanks to its ability to better engage a viewer. However, a huge player in the digital advertising world has decided it [...]

Digital Advertising: A History Lesson

When you think of where digital marketing is in 2015, I’m amazed everyday at how quickly advancements are being made to deliver beautiful marketing to the sophisticated web users.  As web users we expect a lot.   We are more informed about our purchases being made online and offline.   We have means of communicating to other consumers to [...]

10 Questions To Ask Your Digital Advertising Company (part 2)

In case you missed it, yesterday we covered the first five questions you must be asking when making decisions on who you should trust with your digital dollars.   If you do any type of advertising it is likely that you have been approached by a digital advertising salesperson or digital advertising vendor.   With so many people seemingly toting the [...]

10 Questions To Ask Your Digital Advertising Company

If you do any type of advertising it is likely that you have been approached by a digital advertising salesperson or digital advertising vendor. With so many people seemingly toting the same products it is hard to know who to go with. Here are questions to ask that lead to some key points of differentiation. These items set digital advertising [...]

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Over the past few years, the number of people who own an internet capable mobile device has risen dramatically. According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of American adults own a smart phone and 42% of American adults own a tablet. These are very significant numbers that will only continue to grow. With the increase in mobile device adoption comes an [...]

How Many Leads Will I Get From My Digital Ad Campaign?

In last week’s post we tackled “What will my traffic/clicks be from my digital ad campaign?” and now we will cover the follow up question that advertisers usually have… “How many leads will I get from my digital ad campaign?” This question is basically asking, what ROI can I expect from my digital advertising? Well, you need to have an [...]

What will my traffic/clicks be from my digital ad campaign?

There are two questions advertisers typically want to know about their advertising campaign:  how much traffic will my website get (aka how many clicks will I get) and how many leads will I get from my digital ad campaign.  If you’re a digital salesperson, you should be able to answer these questions, and if you’re an advertiser, you should [...]

Ad Blockers: No Need to Panic

In 2010, when internet users were granted the ability to block ads, advertisers were put into a tailspin of panic, thinking the ecosystem of digital advertising was about to be seriously disrupted.  The threat of destroying the entire system of digital advertising was soon proven to be irrelevant. This outdated argument became null when in the 5 years since ad [...]

How To Get The Most From Your Retargeting Campaign

When Retargeting was first rolled out, it was a fairly straightforward process.  A visitor goes to your website, you drop a cookie on the person, follow that person around the web and show your ad, the person comes back to your website and converts. But, as with all things digital, it is constantly evolving, just as the customer path to [...]

How to Target the Hispanic Populations with Digital

Hispanic purchasing power is growing at more than two times the national rate, so marketing to this group is prudent for your brand.  However, it is still a mystery to many how to target the Hispanic population with digital advertising.  Below are a few ways to engage this demographic: One way is to target them through their mobile devices.  Hispanics [...]

2015: The Year of Mobile Marketing

We’ve all heard it before: the money is in mobile.  You’ve probably heard dozens of reason why it is so important for your business to have a strong mobile presence, whether it be a mobile website or by utilizing mobile advertising. We hate to say we told you so, but Google’s most recent mobile business report suggested that mobile devices [...]

Should I Use Behavioral Targeting or Ad Networks?

Yes! It’s not an either/or, you should use both.  Behavioral Targeting is very specific, and will display your ads to people already interested in your product. That’s a great and very effective way to reach your target customer, but if you ONLY do Behavioral Targeting you are missing out on many other consumers who may be interested in your product [...]

“How To…” Take Advantage of a New Digital Marketing Trend

Do you know how to survive a shipwreck?  What about tie a tie, change a tire, apply makeup, dance the Whip/Nae Nae, or cook the perfect poached egg?  You can  learn these skills and more through step-by-step instructional videos on YouTube.  And consumer’s love these handy tutorials.  Google says that YouTube how-to video searches have increased 70% this year [...]

Optimize Your Campaign with Google Analytics

Are you ever curious what leads people to your website? Well there’s an easy way to check the keywords people are searching to find you. By using Google Analytics! Never checked this out before? Don’t fret, here’s how: Once you sign into your Google Analytics, look at the left hand column and click on Acquisition. Underneath Acquisition you’ll go to Search [...]

Google AdWords Announces Cross Device Conversion Tracking

Remember the days when the only place you could access the internet was through a clunky, heavy desktop computer?  Those clunky computers may seem like a distant memory compared to the dozens of choices tech users have when they want to explore the internet.  Today’s tech users juggle multiple devices like laptops, mobile devices, tablets and now even watches [...]

How To Reach Millennials With Your Digital Advertising

With over 171.5 million people owning a smartphone worldwide, it’s almost irregular not to have one. Of those 171 million, 85% of these owners are millennials. To go even further into millennial smartphone usage: 85% of Millennials aged 18-24 own smartphone devices and 86% aged 25-34 own them. However, while there is a divide amongst ages, there isn’t a divide between genders. [...]

“Above The Fold” Digital Ads – It Matters!

The average drop in viewability between above the fold ads and below the fold ads is 84%.  In one eyetracking study the difference was found to be as high as 102%! Above the fold positioning of ads means that the ad appears before someone has to scroll. As the numbers above indicate, where your ad falls on a webpage greatly [...]

Why We LOVE Canva

Have you ever struggled to make ad creative for your campaign? Well you’re in luck because there is a fabulous and free service called Canva. Canva is a great option for business owners or those who want to do-it-themselves to create quality graphics to market their company. Here’s how Canva helps the everyday business owner: Canva is super user friendly.  It [...]

Digital Advertising for Mobile: Game On

Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Trivia Crack, Bookworm, Gym Streak.  At any given time, there are millions of smartphone users with their noses glued to their screen using gaming apps or lifestyle apps like these. Smartphone users are so attached to these apps that the US mobile gaming user base has grown to more than half the US population for the [...]

Change Your Business Hours on Google

When you Google yourself, what do you see? Your customer’s are doing searches everyday looking for business information, and if they aren’t seeing your address, business hours, aggregated reviews, and directions to your location you are missing valuable leads.  Nothing is more frustrating then driving to business that is closed- or even navigating to the wrong address because your [...]

Fat fingers? Never fear! Accidental clicks just got a lot harder to make.

How many times have you been scrolling along on your mobile phone and accidentally clicked on an advertisement? Well, you’re not alone. To address it, Google has implemented several changes to reduce accidental clicks on mobile display ads. First, Google has identified the border of an image as those areas are particularly prone to accidental clicks. If you tap the [...]

Credit Union and Banks Turn to Digital to Reel in New Customers

Banks and credit unions are businesses that have served their customers’ financial services and needs for centuries.  As many traditional industries are still learning to adapt to new technology, financial services are leading the change in the digital evolution as they attempt to keep up with our new fast-paced lifestyles. There is no disputing that technology has had an incredible [...]

The Future of Digital Advertising 2015 vs 2019

Digital marketing is expected to have a bright future. As consumer behavior migrates online, so will advertiser spending. In fact, online advertising is expected to overtake TV advertising in size by 2019. Below is an infographic that details the amount of spending and where that spending will be allocated: TV advertising spending is projected to grow from 71.1 billion this year [...]

Tips for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t want the best, especially when it comes to your digital campaigns? Well, good news because there are simple things you can do to optimize your campaign right now. These strategies are simple and easy to implement and will help your campaigns so you can see results. The first thing you’re going to want to do is focus on [...]

100 Posts Later…Check Out Vici’s Most Read Blog Posts!

  Today is an exciting day for us at Vici Media, we are celebrating our 100th blog post!  We take pride in providing you with digital marketing education, campaign strategies, and trends in the ever-changing online marketing world. To commemorate 100 blog posts about effective digital marketing strategies, check out our five most popular posts ever.    These posts and many other [...]

Panic Over Click-Through Rates? Google Can Help!

Some of the most frequently asked questions in digital advertising revolve around click-through rates (CTR).  So what is a good CTR and what is a bad CTR?  The national average click-through rate for display ads as a whole is 0.07% (Criteo).  Keep in mind, that’s across all industries and all ad sizes.  So it’s important to know how your [...]