Online Audio

With the rise of podcasting and smart speakers, Americans are tuning in to listen to Online Audio like never before!  Our Online Audio ads are served to targeted online listeners who are consuming audio content across all types of devices including Smart Speakers.

Online Audio Features Include:

  • A :15 to :30 audio that plays in online content such as music, podcasts, and sporting events that users listen to on their devices.
  • On some platforms your audio ad will be served along with a companion banner ad at no additional cost.
  • Your online audio ads run across Local and National streaming services.
  • You tell us the geographic area you want to reach and  we layer in Behavioral Targeting and Artificial Intelligence Targeting (combo).  We also have Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike Audiences- target people on your list of emails, addresses, or phone numbers and show them your audio ads when they browse websites and apps.  And Visit Tracking, where On-site visits to your business can be tracked for people who have been served your ad on any of their devices, who then come to your location with their mobile phone.

75% of the U.S. population listened to Online Audio in the last month.

Some examples of where your Online Audio ads will run: