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Vici (how do you say that? Veee-cheeee!) is a full-service digital advertising technology company. We specialize in white labeled solutions for media groups and advertising agencies including sales training, media planning, online ad buying, reporting, and optimization of campaigns. We do this by utilizing a multi-platform approach to digital advertising which includes Targeted Display Ads (Behavioral, Keyword, Artificial Intelligence), Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike Audiences, Geo-Targeting, Video Ads including OTT (with visit tracking), YouTube, Retargeting, Pay-Per-Click, SEO and Reputation Management, Facebook and Instagram, Mobile Conquesting, Cross Platform Advertising, Native Advertising, Online Audio, Live Chat or Virtual Assistant, Address Targeting, Address Retargeting, Targeting for Amazon, Targeting for Twitch, LinkedIn, Social Mirror Ads (including Social Mirror OTT), and TikTok ads.

White Labeled Digital Services for Agencies

We work with boutique agencies across the country to expand their offerings beyond traditional media buys. We have cutting-edge digital products and reporting that will wow your clients. We have unparalleled customer service and support, and we provide full digital training and implementation.

White Labeled Digital Services for Media Groups

We work with media companies to provide digital products and sales training to maximize revenue. If you are interested in offering digital solutions to your customers, but do not have the time or resources to build a full service digital operation yourself, our partners program may be the right option for you.

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What are they saying?

Some of the best products we’ve seen and definitely the smartest, most colloborative group of people that I’ve gotten the chance to work with. Vici has set a new standard in the digital world for customer service, smarts, and reliability!

Tracey Geary, Digital Services, LHWH Advertising

Vici has expanded our capabilities with local clients and one of the many benefits from our partnership is we have taken our client relationships to a higher/deeper level. We are now our customers best marketing partner and creating better solutions that drive results and deliver strong ROI’s.  The training and support that Vici provides is second to none!

Beverly Tilden, General Manager, CCB Media

Manning Media has worked with Vici for over two years.  I feel we have access to not only some of the best digital strategists in the business but also the best marketing strategists!  Vici continues to evolve in the ever changing and fast paced digital space.  They stay current with new digital products and digital training.  In addition, Vici’s customer service is excellent!  They continually over deliver with all our campaigns in both impression delivery and engagement.  They are an outstanding and trusted digital marketing partner!

Fred Manning, President/Owner, Manning Media

We partnered with Vici after an extensive review of all available digital trainers & providers.  From a standing start with absolutely no in-house digital sales expertise they’ve helped us become a digital powerhouse.  Their training has energized the sales staff & Atlantic City clients have been wowed by the Vici digital products & seminars.  We have built a profitable digital division inside our radio cluster thanks to Vici.

Gary Fisher, President/Owner, Equity Communications Atlantic City

Vici has transformed our sales culture.  We had used 3 different providers over the last 3 years and all of them were ineffective and their approach did not connect with the sales team.  They lacked support, training and responsiveness to our team’s needs.   As a result our team lost confidence in their products and ability to fulfill the solutions we were selling to our clients.   Enter Vici!  They speak our language and their training and sense of urgency is far superior. The training curriculum drives sales engagement and learning.  Our team now has the confidence to present the products knowing that we will deliver what we say we will because of Vici.  Our digital sales are soaring!

Wayne Leland, President/GM, Saga Communications

My experience working with Vici has been invaluable to my company. Anytime I need explanation, they are readily available, not only with my questions, but also my staff. Their quick turnaround time is amazing!  To say that I highly recommend their services is an understatement. My company would not be where it is today without our partnership.

Erica Schnell, Director of Business Development, Ice House
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