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What Products Can Show How Many People Saw Your Ad and Went to Your Store?

Advertising methods have evolved significantly throughout history. In the early days of business, long before the digital age, companies used various strategies to promote their products and services. During the Middle Ages, local markets were common and town criers played a significant role in advertising. They would announce the arrival of merchants and their wares and shop signs had images [...]

How Can Auto Dealers Use Advanced Digital Advertising?

Before we go full throttle into all the different ways in which auto dealers can utilize digital ads to drive traffic into their dealerships and increase sales, I couldn’t resist throwing in some fun puns to start us off. There is no denying that the automotive vertical is one that is fueling the advertising industry. It seems like no matter [...]

Targeting Ads on Smart Speakers, Smart Phones and Smart TVs, Are You Being Smart?

Everything you read and hear in the news right now is all about the coronavirus and it is being compared to the 1918-1920 flu pandemic, so I wanted to take a look and see how far we have come in the technology world in the past 100 years: 1920: “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!” is what people would yell [...]

What is a Lookalike Audience?

Have you ever been out with friends or met someone new, and right off the bat they tell you that you look like someone or have a doppelgänger? It’s always interesting to hear what they say next because it can completely change the mood of the night. Maybe it is someone that you will take as a compliment, or maybe [...]

How Accurate is your Geo-Fencing and Visit Tracking with Mobile Conquesting?

One of the most popular products that we offer is Mobile Conquesting, and it’s also one of the more advanced and sophisticated products we offer, because of all the shiny bells and whistles that it offers. With Mobile Conquesting, we can target people by online behaviors (people who have shown specific behaviors online or are in a certain demographic) and [...]

Mobile Conquesting™, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Targeting, How Targeted Can I Get With My Ads ?

When you explain to a business owner that they could put a virtual fence around their competitors’ locations and target people while at that location, their eyes light up and they start seeing dollar signs. “You mean that I can show MY ad to people while they are AT my competition?” Why yes, Mr./Ms. Business Owner, you can! Enter the [...]

What is Mobile Conquesting™?

Nearly 80% of US adults own a smartphone and we use them a lot. What used to be a device just to make calls has quickly migrated to a device to send text messages, map directions, make purchases, play games and even capture life’s most precious moments. Because technology is so sophisticated, and we do more on these devices, the [...]

Marketing on Mobile? Here are some must know terms, and how to use them.

If you're deciding to run a mobile-only marketing campaign you're following a popular trend of many advertisers.  Attention is the currency of marketing.  Smartphones garner a lot of our attention and people spend a lot of time on the internet on their phones.  Earlier this year comScore broke down the highest users of mobile internet minutes in the world and [...]

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