About Native Ads

Native ads are one of our top performing digital ad products and if you aren’t offering this to your clients, you should be!  These types of ads dynamically match the look, feel and visual context of the website or app where they are seen.  They can run across all devices or be specified mobile only.  Native ads can be either video or a dynamic picture.

Native Ads are one of the hottest areas of online digital advertising

Digital ad spending is steadily rising, and no area is intensifying faster than native advertising.   Native ads come in many forms, but all share the common goal of not “looking” like an ad.

Native ads are proven to have higher levels of engagement than traditional non-native ads, and they get results.  Contact Vici today for a free consultation on how we can help you maximize the power of Native Advertising.

Targeting Options Include:

  • Behavioral – thousands of targeting categories including demographics, on-line and off-line behaviors, and interests
  • Keywords – target a list of up to 500 keywords related to your business, and show Native ads on the web pages where they appear
  • A.I. Targeting – Showing your display or video ads to people across all devices, using machine learning to target consumers based on who is engaging with the ad.
  • Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike Audiences– target people on your list of emails, addresses, or phone numbers and show them native ads when they browse websites and apps.
  • Geo-Fencing & Geo-Retargeting – Drawing a virtual fence around a location and showing your ad, to people inside that “fence” and continuing to follow them and show them your ads across all devices.
  • Cross Platform Targeting available from Mobile Conquesting
  • Visit Tracking – On-site visits to your business can be tracked for people who have been served your ad on any of their devices, who then come to your location with their mobile phone.