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Are You Taking Advantage of Video Ads? 2020 is the Year of Video

In the Disney movie “Up”, there is a dog named Dug that gets distracted easily every time he sees a squirrel. No matter what he is doing, if he sees a squirrel, he stops and tracks it. In today’s marketing and advertising world, we are all “Dug’s” that are bombarded with several squirrels a day. There are so many advertising [...]

Can Less Than 3 Seconds Of A Video Ad Have An Impact?

Nielsen recently tackled a question that many advertisers have regarding video advertising.  How much does the ad benefit me (if at all) if the person skips it after a few seconds?  The answer, their research shows, is…a lot! The study found significant lift in ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration even for people who saw the video before it started [...]

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