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offline behaviors

How Are You Reaching Consumers Impacted by the Pandemic?

I was at the grocery store the other day and as I was waiting to check out (six feet behind the person in front of me of course) I caught myself staring at the cashier. I was thinking that he looked familiar, but I could not put my finger on who it was or how I knew him. The more [...]

How Has Behavioral Targeting Evolved?

One of the absolute best things about digital is the ability to pinpoint the exact person in the exact area you are looking for and put an extraordinarily relevant message right in front of them. Often, when I have a super specific person I am trying to reach; I turn to Facebook for their impressive targeting options. Lately, however, I [...]

How Accurate is your Geo-Fencing and Visit Tracking with Mobile Conquesting?

One of the most popular products that we offer is Mobile Conquesting, and it’s also one of the more advanced and sophisticated products we offer, because of all the shiny bells and whistles that it offers. With Mobile Conquesting, we can target people by online behaviors (people who have shown specific behaviors online or are in a certain demographic) and [...]

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