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What Were the Most Popular Verticals in 2023?

Andy Williams said it best when he said “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” 2024 is now just a few weeks away and we have served over 1.9 billion impressions this year. Let’s take a look at the top 10 verticals for campaigns in 2023: • Health Care Services • Events/Concerts/Fireworks • Education • Automotive • Non-Profit/Arts • [...]

What is a Xiaomi Mi Box?

We’ve all been there. You’re in a social setting where you don’t really know anyone, but it’s a social setting, so you’re supposed to be…social. For some, this comes very easy and for others, it causes panic. In these situations, there are a couple staples you can use to start that awkward small talk, like asking where you’re from or [...]

Unlocking the Power of YouTube

As a parent, it's difficult to imagine what your kids are watching online. I always see my kids on their phones. In the car, while eating dinner, and even just after school while they lay in their room, the kids on their phones. And when confronted with the question about what they're watching, the answer more times than not... YouTube. [...]

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What are Social Mirror Ads?

It can be difficult to decide which social media channels to advertise on. Are you good on Facebook and Instagram or do you need to be on TikTok and Snapchat as well? What about LinkedIn and Pinterest or is that spreading the budget and audience too thin? How do you do all the things? Enter Social Mirror Ads! (Click on [...]

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Are You Taking Advantage of Video Ads? 2020 is the Year of Video

In the Disney movie “Up”, there is a dog named Dug that gets distracted easily every time he sees a squirrel. No matter what he is doing, if he sees a squirrel, he stops and tracks it. In today’s marketing and advertising world, we are all “Dug’s” that are bombarded with several squirrels a day. There are so many advertising [...]

Digital Advertising: A History Lesson

When you think of where digital marketing is in 2015, I'm amazed everyday at how quickly advancements are being made to deliver beautiful marketing to the sophisticated web users.  As web users we expect a lot.   We are more informed about our purchases being made online and offline.   We have means of communicating to other consumers to inform [...]

“How To…” Take Advantage of a New Digital Marketing Trend

Do you know how to survive a shipwreck?  What about tie a tie, change a tire, apply makeup, dance the Whip/Nae Nae, or cook the perfect poached egg?  You can  learn these skills and more through step-by-step instructional videos on YouTube.  And consumer's love these handy tutorials.  Google says that YouTube how-to video searches have increased 70% this year over [...]

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