LinkedIn Advertising

Types of LI Feed Ads:

  • Single Image Ad – LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads average 28x higher CTR than right-hand column text ads.
  • Video Ad – These ads run in the user’s Feed and auto start on mute as the person scrolls and the ad comes into view.  LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to re-share a video post.
  • Carousel Ad – These multi-image (display only) ads run in the user’s Feed.  Each image can link to a different page on your website.
  • Lead Ad – When clicked the ad opens to a lead generation form with the questions you select and pre-populates with the person’s contact info

LinkedIn Advertising utilizes the largest professional B2B network to reach the people you want to target, in their Feed and on the LinkedIn Audience Network. Your LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads will appear in a member’s Feed and run across all devices. The ads include a Call-To-Action button and Like, Comment, Share, and Send buttons, to engage with the ads.  You can also choose to have your ads also run on the LinkedIn Audience Network which enables you to extend the reach of your ads by delivering them beyond the LinkedIn Feed, when members go onto other websites and apps who have partnered with LinkedIn.  Adding the LinkedIn Audience Network increases the reach of your ads by 25% and 2x higher view-through rates.

How can we target your LinkedIn Ads?

You tell us the geographic area you want to reach (city & state only- no zip codes or radius) and then we layer in any of these targeting strategies: 

Category Targeting: Showing your ads to specific LinkedIn members by choosing targeting categories from information they have provided about themselves and their companies.

Custom Audience Matching: Use your list of emails, first or last name, job title, or company to target LinkedIn members when they are on LinkedIn or the LinkedIn Audience Network.

Retargeting: Following people after they leave your website and showing them your ad when they go onto LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Audience Network.