Mobile Conquesting™, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Targeting, How Targeted Can I Get With My Ads ?

Mobile Conquesting™, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Targeting, How Targeted Can I Get With My Ads ?

When you explain to a business owner that they could put a virtual fence around their competitors’ locations and target people while at that location, their eyes light up and they start seeing dollar signs. “You mean that I can show MY ad to people while they are AT my competition?” Why yes, Mr./Ms. Business Owner, you can!

Enter the world of Mobile Conquesting™. Mobile Conquesting™ is using location based, demographic, and behavioral targeting to reach consumers on their mobile devices. There is no doubt that we are addicted to our phones. In fact, one in 10 millennials would rather lose a finger than give up their smartphone, and the average American adult will spend 8 minutes more with a mobile device than watching TV. You might think that’s alarming, but is it? We use our phones for so much more than making phone calls and texting these days. We get on the Internet, we pay bills, we shop, we take pictures, we share pictures; we literally do everything and anything. Our phones are so much more than mobile devices, they are data collectors. While the amount of information that is gathered about us through our phones might make the average consumer a little uneasy, to a business owner, it is simply genius.

Mobile Conquesting™ starts off with picking a geographic area in which you are looking to target, and then you layer in some targeting categories such as a certain type of demographic, certain behaviors that consumers have shown an interest in, or where people have recently been. You’re looking to target people in Philadelphia, PA that have recently been to a Friendly’s restaurant? We can do that. Looking to target people that have shown a behavior of being a frequent traveler? We can do that too. Cool, right? Let’s take it a little further.

Another way that businesses can target consumers with Mobile Conquesting™ is by Geo-Fencing a location. Geo-Fencing is where we target people in real time while at a specific location or event. So now we’re not only targeting people in Philadelphia, PA that are frequent travelers or have recently been to a Friendly’s restaurant, but now we have the potential to reach anyone who has stepped foot into a local Applebee’s, for example.

Think of Mobile Conquesting™ as a chocolate chip cookie. We start off with our geographic targeting area (Philadelphia, PA) – that’s the cookie, and layer in our targeting categories (recently been to a Friendly’s restaurant, or a frequent traveler). Now we have our ingredients for our cookie: geographical area + targeting categories = the whole cookie.

Now lets add in our chocolate chips, the Geo-Fencing. By adding in a tight virtual fence around any Applebee’s restaurant, we are Geo-Fencing those locations which allows us to potentially show an ad to ANYONE in that tight Geo-Gence, whether they fit our targeting categories or not; Geo-Fencing = the chocolate chips

So far Mobile Conquesting™ sounds like a recipe for success, right? It is! Lets take it even further with Geo-Retargeting. Geo-Retargeting is continuing to target people after they leave the locations we are geo-fencing. For example, now that I went to an Applebee’s restaurant, once I leave that Applebees’s, I can continue to see your ads, Mr./Ms. Business Owner, through Geo-Retargeting.

There is one more layer we can add in, and that is Geo-Retargeting Lookalike. Geo-Retargeting Lookalike is continuing to target people after they leave the locations we are Geo-Fencing, and target those people’s neighborhoods. Now, this product isn’t something that will fit every vertical, but for certain types of businesses like car dealers, HVAC companies, or roofers, it is a great product! The idea is that people that live in neighborhoods have similar socio-economic status; they have the same likes, the same type of lifestyle, the same demographics, etc.. If neighbor “A” pulls up with a brand new car and its sitting in their driveway, neighbor “B” might feel like they need to “Keep up with Joneses” and begin thinking about getting a new car, while simultaneously being served with new car ads from a dealership. Also, if you live in a neighborhood, chances are the houses were all built around the same time. If neighbor “A” has a furnace that is starting to make those noises that its not supposed to make, chances are neighbor “B” might be in the market for a new furnace as well. Geo-Retargeting Lookalike can allow you to get your name in front of a target audience so when they DO need your service, you are the first place they think to call.

As a business owner, you probably have a pretty general idea of who your target audience is, and the key word here is general. Maybe your customers are mostly females, or they’re an upscale audience, or they have pets. While those demos are great to know, what else do they like to do? Are they electronics enthusiasts? Coffee lovers? Outdoor enthusiast? Pizza lovers? Fashion shoppers? How would a business owner know this just from watching people coming into their store and making purchases? Another tool that we can use to drill down even further into your target audience is using Mobile Conquesting™ Audience DNA. This data allows you to learn about your audience as you’re marketing to them. During a Mobile Conquesting™ campaign, our algorithms seek to better define the people who either click on your ads or visit your business location. From there, we break down the top 10 attributes that make up the people engaging with that ad campaign. With this information, now you can target people with these exact tributes through the behavioral targeting portion of Mobile Conquesting™.

Lets keep talking about the general idea that business owners have of their customers. If I am a Dairy Queen Franchisee owner, I’m going to use Mobile Conquesting™ and put a Geo-Fence around the local Burger Kings or Taco Bells because those are my competitors and I want to attract people that go there, right?  Maybe, but maybe not. With another report that we can run, called a Brand Insight Report, we can show you the top and least favorite brands of people that walk into your store (if you are a part of a Top 500 brand), the behavioral characteristics of people that walk into your store, the share of foot traffic in your store versus your top competitors in your region, or even the percentage of shared visitors between your store and your competitors. For example, as a Dairy Queen owner, I would never think to Geo-Fence a local Wal-Mart, but by pulling this Brand Insight Report, it shows that of the people that visited Dairy Queen nationwide, 68% of those people also visited a Walmart Super Center Store.

Maybe you are not a Top 500 brand but you compete with one. Maybe you are a local sub shop or quick service food restaurant, for example. You could see interesting insights on a competitor like Subway.

As you can see, Mobile Conquesting™ has all the ingredients for a marketing delicacy. When you add one part of a certain geography to one part targeting categories and add in a dash of Geo-Fencing, Geo-Retargeting, a pinch of Geo-Retargeting Lookalike, and then mix that with the secret sauce of Audience DNA and Brand Insight reports, you get one very targeted (and delicious) chocolate chip cookie.

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