Nearly 80% of US adults own a smartphone and we use them a lot. What used to be a device just to make calls has quickly migrated to a device to send text messages, map directions, make purchases, play games and even capture life’s most precious moments.

Because technology is so sophisticated, and we do more on these devices, the technology can tell so much more about our online behaviors and our locations. This is a great solution for advertisers trying to reach very specific consumers. Mobile Conquesting™ is advanced technology that allows us to advertise to consumers on their mobile devices within apps and mobile websites by utilizing accurate location, demographic, behavioral and visit data.

When utilizing Mobile Conquesting™ for your digital strategy it is recommended to approach it as a multi-step process.

First it is important to identify the area you would like to reach. Where’s do my customers live and work? (Example: multiple zip codes, a certain mile radius from my location, etc.)

The next step is to determine, who is my target? (How old are they?  What behaviors or interests make sense?) Mobile Conquesting™ has over 10,000 thousands of demographic and targeting behaviors and categories to choose from. (Example: homeowner, in the market for lighting and home improvement). And if it makes sense, locations and brands can be adding to the targeting. For example, someone who has recently been to a Starbucks or a Home Depot in my target area.

But wait there is more!
With Mobile Conquesting™ we can target even further than this.

We can also target people in real-time and serve ads when they enter a Geo-Fenced area. This is a separate layer, from the main Geo-Targeted area. A Geo-Fence is a tight radius like a competition’s store or an event. The technology allows us to draw a tight fence digitally around the designated area down to a 500 foot radius and serve ads to anyone who enters that tight fence that is browsing on an app or website where we can serve ads. With geo-fencing, no category targeting applies because we are trying to capture anyone in the Geo-Fence. Therefore, geo-fencing is recommended in addition to geo-targeting (to a larger geography) and categories, so you can reach as many potential consumers as possible with multiple digital strategies.

The real magic with Geo-Fencing is being able to talk to devices after they leave a Geo-Fence. This is called Geo-Retargeting. The technology captures the device in the fence and allows us to serve ads after they leave the fence, no matter where they go. This is typically where the action takes place with these consumers. They are more likely to make another purchase decision or research after a leave a geo-fenced store or an event.

If you are adopting a strategy of birds of a feather flock together than Geo-Retargeting lookalike can be utilized. We capture the device in the geofence, talk to them after they leave the fence with geo-retargeting and then serves ads to neighbors using Geo-Retargeting Lookalike.

For some businesses their sales come from weather-related events like storms, hail, snow or even hot temperatures. With Mobile Conquesting™ we can target consumers based on current or forecasted weather conditions using a Weather Trigger. This is something that should be planned in advance and the digital ad impressions sit on a shelf waiting to serve to consumers once the weather event happens or can serve when it is forecasted to happen.

Digital advertisements have many forms of measurement to assist in determining the return on investment. With Mobile Conquesting™ one unique measurement tool is the ability to report an on-site visits. The technology links the serving of an ad to a mobile device and did that mobile device physically come on to the client’s property? If foot traffic is important, Mobile Conquesting™ can measure this and if the digital ad campaign is driving it. How cool is that technology?

With Mobile Conquesting™ the ad creative is displayed in various sizes on apps and websites and can be a combination of display ads and video commercials. There are many customizable features like “click to map” or even including the ability to dynamically insert a distance into the ad unit. (example 2.3 miles away)

Once a Mobile Conquesting™ campaign has been running for 60 days or more, in addition to campaign reporting and measurable insights more reporting data can be provided like Audience DNA. During a Mobile Conquesting™ campaign, our algorithms seek to better define the people who either click on your ads (Click Through Rate/CTR) or visit your location (Visit Rate/VR).  From there we break down the top 10 attributes that make up the people engaging with your ad campaign. If you’re not measuring visits to your location, we pull click DNA, or the top 10 attributes of people who click on your ad.   You receive a breakout like the one below:

This provide more insights about your active consumer, as well as an opportunity to target even deeper.

It is safe to say Mobile Conquesting™ is a premier digital product and can work so well for many different businesses. The possibilities are endless.