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Emoji Use on the Rise in Marketing

Locavore, hypermiling, refudiate, selfie, and…. ‘Face with Tears of Joy?’ () One of these things is not like the others. These words are all past winners of Oxford Dictionary’s coveted Word of the Year award, but the most recent winner is not a word at all, it’s an emoji. The use of emojis spiked in 2015 (a contributing factor to [...]

What are college kids doing on Friday and Saturday nights? Snapchatting.

Snapchat, the “now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t” photo app, has caught the attention of the tech world because of its rapid success, occasional controversy and most of all, its devoted audience of users. “What the heck is Snapchat?” you might be saying in your head right now… Snapchat is a photo service that allows users to take pictures or videos, known as “snaps” of [...]

RPS Tournament

The Results are In! See who won the RPS Tournament: For approximately 1.4 Million Years, the noble sport of Rock Paper Scissors has been used to decide our lives’ most IMPORTANT DECISIONS. Friendship, Marriage, War, Sandwich Ownership… man and lady kind’s deepest choices have all been overseen by the impartial game of Rock Paper Scissors. “I get it,” you say [...]

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