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Why do digital and traditional media work well together?

You have heard the phrase, opposites attract. Well the same holds true for your media mix. Traditional media like radio and television work hand in hand with digital. Digital marketing can include tactics like SEO, online display or native and social media across all online devices. First, it is important to understand your audience and to realize there are many [...]

Traditional Advertising’s Digital Counterpart

If you offer digital advertising to your clients, then you know that sometimes it gets overwhelming with all the new and changing digital advertising options available. So here is a “If This, Then That” guide to what you should suggest to clients, based on what they are currently doing with their traditional advertising. “I do direct mail”  If the advertiser [...]

Traditional Advertising, Where Does It Drive Consumers? Online!

Consumers are watching TV and listening to the radio and the adverting they are consuming while doing so, is having an impact on them: It is driving them straight online. Research shows that 74% of people go online for more information on products and services advertised on TV and Radio. We are not watching TV alone. We may be alone [...]

Where Advertising Budgets Are Going In 2015

With the new year upon us it means brand new advertising budgets as well. Nielsen released their annual report where they survey marketers to find out how and where they are spending their advertising dollars, and what is planned for the upcoming year. Overall, 70% of marketers increased the amount of budget allocated to digital brand advertising in 2014, a [...]

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