Traditional Advertising, Where Does It Drive Consumers? Online!

Traditional Advertising, Where Does It Drive Consumers? Online!

Consumers are watching TV and listening to the radio and the adverting they are consuming while doing so, is having an impact on them: It is driving them straight online. Research shows that 74% of people go online for more information on products and services advertised on TV and Radio.

Traditional Media Drives Users To Internet

We are not watching TV alone. We may be alone physically, but we are rarely with only the TV as company. Nearly half of internet users polled by Market Track (read the article here) said they used a laptop while watching TV, and 42% used a mobile phone of some kind. Tablets and desktops are also utilized by around a quarter of respondents. In fact, only 21% of people are not multitasking while watching TV.

Advertising to consumers while they are on the second screen is a critical next step. While watching TV they are shopping online, surfing/researching on the web, checking social media as well as checking their e-mail.

Enhancing your marketing efforts to include digital display ads targeted to your specific consumers while they are doing their research, allows you to keep your products and services top of mind. 79% of consumers are multitasking, and your advertising campaign needs to be as well.

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