RPS Tournament

RPS Tournament

The Results are In! See who won the RPS Tournament:

For approximately 1.4 Million Years, the noble sport of Rock Paper Scissors has been used to decide our lives’ most IMPORTANT DECISIONS. Friendship, Marriage, War, Sandwich Ownership… man and lady kind’s deepest choices have all been overseen by the impartial game of Rock Paper Scissors.

“I get it,” you say with a knowing tone, “But so what? Are you gonna host a semi-weekly tournament to pit the warriors of Vici Media upon each other in some sort of epic lunch-time rock, paper, scissors battle-fest?”

I answer.  “YES.”

Starting this Friday MAY 30th we’re starting Rock Paper Scissors Throw-Down.  At 12:30 will host a series of RPS Matches and play until we get a single winner. This winner will be dubbed the RPS Champ until the next Throw-Down, where they have to defend their title again.

Don’t know how to play?
·        Three Primes (one, two, three)
·        Make a throw on (shoot)
·        Rock beat scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock.
·        Play best 2 outta 3 til we get to the finals. Then its best 2of3 throws in best 2of3 games.

Wanna Spectate? Heck Yeah you Do! Come watch at 12:30!


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