Year after year, Christmas is one of the biggest seasons for consumer engagement campaigns. Holiday promotions and interactive content are an excellent way to get a piece of the warm holiday feeling during this time of year! Also important during the season is being able to reach people on their smartphone while they are out and about.  The solution? Mobile Conquesting™! Mobile Conquesting™ uses location based targeting combined with demographic and behavioral targeting to reach consumers with display ads on their mobile devices.

44895753 - shopper woman buying online on the smart phone in the street

While the ideas are endless, here are some of the most successful:

  • coupons
  • gift/gift card with purchase
  • sweepstakes for shopping sprees, gift cards, or other free gifts

For additional brainstorming about who can use mobile conquesting™, here are some examples of advertisers to target and the types of promotions they could run:

Financial Institutions: push holiday loans, tack a cash bonus onto any product you need to promote, or offer a skip a payment promotion to help consumers pay for holidays gifts

Retail Stores: promote two-for-one products, buy one, get one half off, gift card with purchase, hold a toy or canned food drive for charity, or donate a % of sales to charity

Restaurants: advertise two-for-one meals, buy one, get one half off, gift card with purchase, set menu at special price or 3 course special

Local Events: make your events special with tree/menorah lightings, holiday parades, arts and crafts shows, Christmas productions, breakfast with Santa and other kid-friendly events