Your Secret Weapon to Increasing SEO Rankings: Video

Your Secret Weapon to Increasing SEO Rankings: Video

Think you’ve pulled out all the stops for your SEO campaign?  Go bigger!  You may have the basics: inbound links, a blog, optimized keywords, and many more strategies in place to boost your organic search rankings.  While these are effective, take an extra step to set your business apart by creating a video.  The video can be anything- a biography for an individual or the company, an advertisement, or an announcement.

What makes video content rank so well in SEO?

Videos use up a lot of data in organic search results pages, so a video can easily boost your SEO while cleaning up your online reputation.   Videos are like magnets for your web pages, they increase links and drive clicks. Plus Google owns YouTube.  That doesn’t hurt!

The age of smartphones, tablets and cameras in almost every digital device, allows businesses to eliminate third party videographers and shoot video collateral internally.

Other alternative methods of videography include using images and text to digital compose a video sequence using free online tools and slideshow software.  Keep in mind these best practices for using video to boost SEO rank:

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Keep it relevant by using rich content
  • Transcribe your script to make it easier for Google spiders to find you

Once the video is created, spread the word!  Sharing your video on social media, specifically YouTube, makes it easy for users to search, watch and then share your video with their followers or friends.  Be sure to include your primary keywords in the title of the video and reiterate those keywords in the description.

Now that your video is completed and shared, all you have to do is sit back and watch your online reputation shift from mediocre to excellent and watch your SEO rankings soar!

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