Why I Love Facebook Collection Ads

Why I Love Facebook Collection Ads

Facebook has been in the news lately, for some not so popular things, mainly the Facebook data breach impacting over 50 million user’s data. They reacted quickly to the news, publicly declaring that starting October 1, they will no longer be offering 3rd party targeting categories to advertisers.  Moving forward, they will only be allowing advertisers to buy categories that are 1st party categories, or information the user exhibits on Facebook.

Facebook, love them or hate them, is innovative. They are constantly pushing the envelope to give not only their users a better experience but also to give their advertisers better campaigns. When Facebook introduced the carousel ad, you found users not only commenting and sharing advertisements, but also scrolling through each ad unit like flipping through a magazine to see what was coming next.  It benefited the advertiser as well since you could A-B test every ad in that carousel to see which was performing the best, giving you real-time consumer insight.

Facebook continues to innovate the ad unit to create a better user experience for both the user and the advertisers, which is why I love engaging with their new ad product, the Collection Ad. The Collection ad is a format that makes it easier for people to discover, browse and purchase products and services from their mobile device in a visual and immersive way.

A collection experience typically includes a cover image and or a video followed by several product images. When someone clicks on a collection ad, they’ll land a full-screen experience that drives engagement and nurtures interest and intent.

Here’s a sample of a collection ad, as well as the specs it takes to create one:

Best of all, you can build really creative ad units for the same cost as a static ad, that your customers will actually want to engage with.  When I see so many brands building the same tired ad units, it pays to stick out with this latest innovation from Facebook.

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