Do millennials ever put their phones down?

No.  In fact, 24% of millennials attached themselves to their smartphones less than 5 minutes after waking up.  An even more astounding 52% of millennials start using their smart phones just after being awake for 5 minutes.  Throughout the rest of the day, these digital obsessed millennials are likely to check their smartphones up to 200 times a day.


Is this excessive?  Probably.  But having such a significant audience constantly attached to a digital device is any marketer’s dream.  They keep up with new trends, they are always connected, and they are used to dealing with minor technological hiccups along the way.  They have grown up in the age of advertising, so they are not likely to feel overwhelmed by multiple exposures to products or businesses.

Young Americans are also much less concerned with privacy and are willing to disclose more information about themselves.  Lack of online privacy has a strong negative connotation attached to it, and can be seen as irresponsible.  But from a marketing standpoint, this means that millennials are more likely to purchase items, make payments, post opinions and experiences about a business’s products and services.

As a business, you can always count on millennial consumers to tell you what they want and how they want it.  Digital marketing allows consumers to make a personal connection with a brand or business.  Millennials will never hesitate to tell you how they feel about their experience with your product or service through social media or online reviews.

Before you roll your eyes at the group of millennials out and about with their eyes glued to a screen, remember that they are your audience and they are the future of digital advertising.