Explaining the “View Through”

Explaining the “View Through”

Think click-through rates (CTR) are the only way to manage engagement with your digital ads? WRONG!  View-through rate (VTR) can make a huge impact on your advertising strategy by showing what digital elements are working for your campaign.  A view-through measures someone seeing an ad, and then returning to your homepage through another channel, without clicking on the ad itself.  You can measure VTR with display or video ads.

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This is beneficial for many reasons, but the number one reason is that a view-through goes beyond traditional “clicks” to show if your campaign is making an impact.  Remember- it’s not all about the “click”!  Research showed up to a 1046% increase in users searching directly for the brand name, of ads they saw (but didn’t click) during retargeting campaigns (comScore).   Why aren’t people clicking on ads? It could be because they are engaged in the current content they are reading, and they open up a new tab to Google you.  It could be because they want to research your brand at another time more convenient.  It could even be that they don’t trust where the ad will take them.  Regardless of the reason for not clicking- it doesn’t matter- you can track this user with or without the click.

This is a great tool for all digital campaigns.   Even if someone doesn’t click on your ad, it doesn’t mean that your ads aren’t effective. A view-through will be able to measure it for you!

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