A Tool I’m Totally Geeking Out Over Right Now: Hotjar

A Tool I’m Totally Geeking Out Over Right Now: Hotjar

Having been in the digital marketing business for quite some time I’ve tested out a lot of different tools: SEO tools, website auditing tools, keyword creation tools, pixel finding tools, traffic monitoring tools, etc.  I recently stumbled across a tool that I find completely fascinating and is helping to improve the efficiency of our website called Hotjar. In a nutshell, Hotjar “is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.”

One of the tools within the platform I love/am addicted to is the feature to record every visitor and their progress throughout your site.  This tool shows you where the visitor hovers their mouse, where they click, the pages they navigate to within your site, and the point of exit.

Hotjar also provides heat maps of your important pages to see where users are navigating to the most and what content is not being seen because it’s below the fold.  Check out the heat map of our homepage:

heatmap vici homepage

This heat map makes it very clear about the content our visitors are and are not interested in.  The more red the mark, the more visitors have clicked on that spot.

The other tool that I love is the funnel tracking feature.  The funnel tracking feature allows you to input every step of your sales funnel into their system to determine where your leads are most likely leaking out.  There are other tools I’ve yet to play with, such as analyzing your contact forms, polls, and conducting surveys with your visitors.

Currently I’m using the tool as a free trial, which I like because there was no credit card required.  But at the rate I’m checking the platform throughout the day, this tool is quickly becoming one I can’t live without.  (Author’s note: Despite my fan girling, this is not a sponsored post).

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