Who starts a company on April Fool’s Day anyways?

Who starts a company on April Fool’s Day anyways?

Founded on April 1, 2014 who knew what a wild and fun ride it would turn into for these digital fools, uh… I mean founders Todd Schumacher, Leslye Schumacher, Gary Rozynek and Megan Malone.

Their passion for the most comprehensive training for our markets and agencies paired with the most advanced digital solutions has made this team rise to the top in the digital landscape. But truly what sets Vici and their founders apart is their dedication to their team and their clients.  Stellar customer support and service is Vici’s #1 priority and we each live and breathe it every day.  Some may call it, “The Vici Way.”

The Vici Way is driven by our founders but is carried on by each and every one of the Vici team Members with pride. The Vici Way, makes hashtags like #vicirocks or #vicirules a natural occurrence.

The first five years have been a dream each day and we have only just begun. Check out some of the major milestones over the past five years for Vici Digital Media.

Vici thanks everyone who has contributed to the success over the past 5 years and we look forward to more successes and milestones to come.

#CheersToFiveYears #ViciRocks

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