How To Reach Millennials With Your Digital Advertising

How To Reach Millennials With Your Digital Advertising

With over 171.5 million people owning a smartphone worldwide, it’s almost irregular not to have one. Of those 171 million, 85% of these owners are millennials. To go even further into millennial smartphone usage: 85% of Millennials aged 18-24 own smartphone devices and 86% aged 25-34 own them.

However, while there is a divide amongst ages, there isn’t a divide between genders. 70% of men own a smartphone and 72% of women own one. This is beneficial to know for your campaigns. Since millennials are the future of spending, why not advertise to them? Make sure to have a mobile friendly website and cater your ads to mobile devices, especially if you’re trying to reach the millennial demographic.

There are many ways to target this demographic with Ad Networks and Behavioral Targeting categories as well. Here are just a few you can use to appeal to the millennial crowd:

Display Ad Networks:

  • The Young Adult Ad Network
  • Young Health Conscious Women Ad Network
  • Gamers Ad Network
  • Nightlife Ad Network
  • Tech Savvy Ad Network

Behavioral Categories:

  • Concerts & Music Festivals
  • Rock Music
  • Urban & Hip-Hop Music
  • Fitness
  • Student Loans & College Financing
  • Mobile Phones
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Dating & Personals
  • Microblogging
  • LGBT Issues
  • Parenting
  • Green Living & Environmental Issues
  • Bridal
  • Green & Eco-Friendly Shopping
  • Extreme Sports

Implement these in your next campaign and you’ll have no problem targeting the younger demographic!

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