Why is Conversion Tracking and Goal Setting So Important?

Why is Conversion Tracking and Goal Setting So Important?

Before you start a search engine marketing campaign (aka Pay-Per Click) it’s important to do a bit of homework first. As they look through their Google Analytics, they see clicks+cost with an overall increase in traffic. Putting these items together, increased traffic with clicks implies ads are working, right? Not necessarily!



Your customer could potentially be losing revenue from really expensive campaigns that yield little to no conversions. You might be getting the clicks and increased traffic, but it might not line up with the goals of the business. To determine a healthy SEM campaign, we need to delve deeper into the objectives for the company. What are the specific goals of the website, is it an opt-in or a monetary transaction? What is the value for each conversion? Simply relying on traffic and clicks is not enough! If you’re not sure what you need, take a look at our Analytics cheat sheet to make sure you’re prepared.

Google Adwords offers a free tool called Conversion Tracking that shows what happens after your ad is clicked. If you need help setting up Conversion Tracking and Analytics take a look at what we wrote or feel free to contact us!

Embedding specific conversion goals for a purchase will be relayed onto Google Analytics. You can even set specific values for each transaction! For example, every time a user clicks on an ad then purchases a specific product, Conversion Tracking will be triggered. From this, you can see who didn’t make a purchase and who did. In addition, it will even show you total profit (if a value for conversion was entered) which is tremendously helpful when optimizing a campaign based on ROI.

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