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Salespeople spend a whopping 30 hours per month searching for and creating marketing collateral, according to the American Marketing Association. That's a lot of time to spend on something they really shouldn't have to do...

Media Partners

We have successful media partners in radio, television, print and outdoor in markets across the United States. If you are interested in offering digital solutions to your customers, but do not have the time or resources to build a full service digital operation yourself, our partners program may be the right option for you. Our media partners are billing thousands of dollars of new digital business every month. You can generate huge new digital dollars without cannibalizing your existing revenues. We will work on your behalf behind the scenes and under your brand name. We will train your salespeople, work with you on responding to client questions, purchase and place all digital media and provide you with state of the art reporting metrics…all without your clients knowing about us. With digital advertising projected to be at an all-time high in 2016, now is a great time to join our partners program! Got more questions? We’ve got answers! Check out our Media Partner FAQ

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We can target your display advertising so that you reach just the people who are likely to be interested in your client’s business. We do this through Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Geo-Targeting, Keyword Targeting, and our Display Advertising Networks of websites. We provide access to thousands of national websites, targeting customers just in the geographical areas your clients want to reach.

Are your client’s capturing the people who are most likely to become their customers? Those are the people who have been to your client’s website but didn’t convert. We can follow these potential customers and show them ads when they visit other websites around the web, and bring them back!

This is the next generation of direct mail advertising. We take your client’s database of names (or from a purchased list) and match the household (or business) address to their IP address. Once matched, we can show ads just to those individual households. It is laser targeted just to the people your client’s want to reach, and unlike direct mail where you only have one opportunity to reach the household, with Household IP Targeting you can repeatedly show them your client’s ad – with no wasted impressions.

Video advertising is exploding across the internet. We can take your client’s video ad and target it to the potential customers they want to reach by placing it across our Video Advertising Networks of websites. This takes their advertising beyond just YouTube to include thousands of national websites that offer video content.

Search Engine Optimization is about improving your client’s visibility in search engines like Google so that more people find their business. Our SEO campaigns include keyword research, creating incoming links, submitting to search engines, analyzing your client’s website structure and tags – everything on-the-page and off-the-page that needs to be done to improve their search ranking. Our SEO campaigns include our Reputation Management platform where you can monitor your client’s SEO as well as their online reputation and social media, all from one portal.

We use the native advertising capabilities of Facebook and Instagram to target social users demographically, by their interests, or behaviors. We also offer more advanced social advertising features, such as importing an email or phone number database to market to only those users. Using this database we can create a custom audience “look-a-like” match to find the top 1% of social users who match your existing customers. Ask us about our location awareness ads which feature a “call now” with call tracking or “get directions”, as well as our social “lead ads” for people on their smartphones to easily request more information about your business.

Facebook and Instagram News Feed targeting is about reaching people with ads on the biggest and fastest growing social media sites.  This level of advertising is hyper-local, hyper-targeted, and can drive a huge amount of sales to your client’s website.  We convert new customers and retarget those who have yet to buy; Click-to-call Local Awareness ads with free call tracking; we maximize thousands of demographic and geographic targeting techniques; we can match your email or phone database to customers’ social accounts and target just those people with ads;  we can do Look Alike Audience targeting which takes a customer database to find new matching customer profiles to serve ads too; and we can track when potential customers convert too!

As consumers spend more of their online time on smartphones and tablets, it’s important to include a mobile strategy in your digital marketing. Our Mobile Conquesting product allows advertisers to use both location based targeting combined with demographic, behavioral, and location/brand targeting to reach desired consumers on their mobile devices. We place your client’s ads across premium mobile apps and mobile web browsing sites within the geo-fenced area you want to reach.  We also offer geo-reatargeting as well as geo-retargeting lookalike targeting.  We offer dynamically updated ads that show the user the distance they are from your client’s location. We can even “geo-conquest” around competitors locations down to a 500 feet radius, and show how many physical visits to a storefront our ads caused.

Native ads match the look, feel and visual context of the website where they are seen.  They can run across all devices or be specified mobile only.  They can appear in hundreds of different ad creative formats depending on the app or website where they appear.  We have 2,000 targeting categories that include demographic, behaviors, and interests.  We can also target by keyword, email lists, or lookalike audiences.

Process of Onboarding

  • Step 1: Meet Vici!

    Schedule an exploration meeting to learn more about what Vici can do for your media group. During our one-hour overview you will get a preview of our killer digital products, learn about the white labeling process to make your salespeople shine, and review the elements of our in-market training to transform your team into digital experts.

  • Step 2: Receive Your White Labeled Collateral.

    Vici does the work so your salespeople don't have to. You'll receive white labeled versions of all success stories, pre-built proposals, category-specific pitch decks, and reporting. Not only do you get great collateral - you get us too! Vici trainers white label themselves to help you with client pitches, conduct client seminars, and assist your digital transition in every possible way.

  • Step 3: Schedule Your Digital Trainings.

    Within the first 30 days, a Vici Trainer travels to your market for a two-day training visit. The visit will include sales training on all of our digital products you have to sell, assistance in setting up the digital infrastructure, as well as white labeled four-legged calls with your clients. Over the next five months your training will include two additional in-person training visits (2 days each visit), as well as weekly webinar training, a one-on-one 30 minute call with your Vici Trainer, and 24/7 phone consultation for coaching, advising on presentations, and troubleshooting.

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