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Why Your Online Presence is Important

While most businesses recognize the importance of having an online presence in this technological age, new studies are showing how important it actually is, especially for small businesses. A recent survey asked internet users in the US how having an online presence can impact a small business. Over a third (36.7%) of them said they learn about small businesses first [...]

Behavioral Targeting: what is it and why does it matter?

There’s a reason display ads are so widely used: they get results.   To take your digital marketing to the next level, we suggest our clients add behavioral targeting to the mix.  Like retargeting, behavioral targeting uses online tracking to follow a user’s web-browsing behavior and compiles that data to determine what ad to display to that user. There are three major [...]

Just How Much Time Do We Spend Each Day With Digital Media?

2014 was a “banner” year for digital growth, both in advertising revenue and time spent with digital media. An eMarketer report estimates that the average US adult will have spent 5 hours and 46 minutes a day in 2014, with digital media. (Their definition of digital media includes online, mobile, and non-mobile connected devices including gaming and streaming devices.)   [...]

Mobile Marketing Milestone: Golden Age of Internet Advertising

The 1950’s were called the Golden Age of Television, when the TV launched the population's addiction to the small screen.  More than six decades later, the population is starting to shift their addiction to an even smaller screen. According to a new report from Forrester Research, online ad spending will surpass TV ad spending for the first time as soon [...]

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