Is IP Targeting Digital Ads Right For My Business?

Is IP Targeting Digital Ads Right For My Business?

Maybe…Maybe not.  How do you know?  First let’s start with what IP Targeting is.  Many digital providers say they do IP Targeting but are referring to targeting small groups of IP addresses.  (An IP address, or Internet Protocol Address, is the string of numbers your internet service provider assigns to your internet connection).  That form of IP Targeting is really geo-targeting – targeting an area – like a neighborhood or a street.  What we are talking about when we say IP Targeting is the ability to target specific households by matching the street address of a house (or business) to that house’s internet connection which is why we call it Household IP Targeting.

So back to the question – how do you know if your business should be using Household IP Targeting?  The first thing to do is decide who is your ideal customer base that you want to target.  Let’s say it is people who own homes worth $150,000+.  For that type of target, you could use a product like Advanced Behavioral Targeting  where we can choose behavioral categories based on income, home value, gender, or age.  Maybe you want to target people who are searching for words related to what you sell.  If that is the case, you could use Keyword Targeting.  Or, perhaps you want to target people who own pets.  That can be done by using an Ad Network of websites targeted to pet owners.  All of those examples are ones where the type of person you want to target is a broad group – that is not when you use Household IP Targeting.

Household IP Targeting is when you need to reach very specific households or businesses.  For example, you want to reach previous or current customers to upsell them, and you have a database of their addresses.  That database can be put through a matching process where we identify the IP addresses of households on that list and then only show your ads to those people.

Another example of when you would use Household IP Targeting might be when you want to buy a list of very specific people to target.  If your business wanted to target people who own a second home and are frequent vacation travelers – well that is VERY specific and would be a list that you would purchase to have matched for Household IP Targeting!

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