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view through conversions

Explaining the “View Through”

Think click-through rates (CTR) are the only way to manage engagement with your digital ads? WRONG!  View-through rate (VTR) can make a huge impact on your advertising strategy by showing what digital elements are working for your campaign.  A view-through measures someone seeing an ad, and then returning to your homepage through another channel, without clicking on the ad itself.  [...]

Are You Looking For More Conversions On Your Website?

If you are looking to boost the number of conversions  your website gets from mobile users, the answer looks like it’s behind door number 3… Contests! Formstack’s “Form Conversion” study analyzed 665,000 user account contributions and 117,577 form types all collected in January 2015. The research only looked at mobile-responsive forms, which are designed to be filled out easily on smartphones [...]

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