OTT & On-Site Visit Tracking: Two Great Strategies Come Together

OTT & On-Site Visit Tracking: Two Great Strategies Come Together

In my last blog OTT/Connected TV AND On-Site Visit Tracking has ARRIVED, I referenced the Jetsons and Saturday morning cartoons, which I know showed my age. If you are old enough to have experienced Saturday morning cartoons and the Jetsons, you may also recognize this next reference as well! During those Saturday morning cartoon marathons, we also had awesome commercials. Anyone remember the “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter?” Two fun young people walking the busy streets, both with a Walkman on, one eating peanut butter (because isn’t that a great on the go snack?) and one eating chocolate.  They round the corner and collide, and “Reese’s” is born with the tagline: “Two great tastes that taste great together!” The moral of this nostalgic memory is that some things just make other things better, and I would argue peanut butter is that thing. Am I right Jelly?

So, let’s now take something that is already good – OTT. OTT is already good, and if you do it with Vici, it is better than good, it is great! It is premium and desirable. Sort of like chocolate.

Now what if we add some PEANUT BUTTER. Okay, not actually peanut butter, because weird, right? But what if we add VISIT tracking to our OTT? BAM, something new and cool and I would argue delicious is born. OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking. Two great strategies that are even more impactful together!


Let’s break down how it works, and start with our definitions of OTT (Over the top), and what makes our OTT premium:

Now let’s talk about how you could use OTT and your Targeting Options for OTT Ads WITH On-Site Visit Tracking. It starts with Behavioral Targeting, but not with online behaviors, this is based on where people have been with their device.

Take my past weekend for example. On Friday night, I dropped my younger son and his friends at the movies, and I went shopping while they watched and hit several boutiques nearby. I attended a festival with friends on Saturday, full of live music and beautiful weather! On Sunday I did a Costco run, I hit my gym for a class, and then I was at soccer complex watching my older son play.  Because I had my phone with me the whole time (using RetailMeNot while shopping, snapping selfies at the festival, I used my shopping list app for Costco, I checked into the gym with my phone and I took a few videos of my son saving goals), I have put myself into several targeting categories based on my physical proximity like: Big Box Shopper, Fashion Shopper, Health Clubs and Gym, Live Event Attendee, Sport Enthusiasts.

From my movements and interests, my mobile ID can be mapped to my household IP address, and I can be targeted with ads that match my categories on my Connected TV. INSANE!

Now, let’s say my local grocery store is having a sale and they want to reach big box bargain hunters. Their marketing team can use this product to run an ad within a radius of their store, targeting my big box shopping behavior on my connected TV. If I am inspired to go to their location (with my phone and shopping list), I can be recorded as an on-site visit and shown on a monthly report to demonstrate ROI.  Incredible!

The official definition of OTT with In-Store Visit Tracking is showing your up to :30 OTT video ads to specific consumers on Connected TVs streaming programming and then tracking them if they come to your on-site location.

Here is a visual journey of what I just shared:


There are thousands of categories available to choose from, this is just a sample, and my weekend put me in more than a few of these:

Keep in mind we only run on 100% Connected TV’s and provide publisher reports each month.

If you want more specifics on how it works, let’s get technical: we use a cross-device graph (TapAd) to identify IP Addresses connected to CTV/OTT, Desktop and Mobile.  When that mobile device enters a Blueprinted location, that is recorded as a visit post ad exposure.

You may have more questions, and we have answers! In fact, for our Vici Partners, we have a whole new set of FAQ’s on this product. Here are a few:

Can you track conversions through a container tag with OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking?

No (same as our other OTT products) but we recommend tracking ROI through off-line visit tracking.

Is OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking 100% CTV like our other OTT?


What’s the average CTR of
OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking?

Because it’s connected TV devices only, the CTR is very low. Our average was .01% since most people can’t click through on a full-size TV screen.

Can I get a heat map of where my impressions ran?

Yes, with the location reports down to the zip code level.

Are OTT with Visit Tracking Ads skippable?

They are not unless you shut off your tv.

Are OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking Ads protected by DoubleVerify?

Yes they are.

What are additional reports I can request for OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking?

On-Site Visit Break Outs By Geo:
We can break out on-site visits by States, DMAs, or Zips Codes and also show impressions, clicks, as well as visits. (Keep in mind CTR for OTT with Visit Tracking is very minimal due to running 100% on CTV devices).

On-Site Visit Break Out By Location:
If a client is tracking visits to multiple locations, we can break out each location’s number of visits.

DNA Report By Click:
If we are Geo-Targeting areas (geo-targeting is targeting all devices in large geos), we can pull a DNA Report that shows top categories for people who were in the Geo-Fence that clicked on the ad. (Keep in mind CTR for OTT with Visit Tracking is very minimal due to running 100% on CTV devices).

DNA Report By On-Site Visit:
If we are Geo-Fencing areas (geo-targeting is targeting all devices in large geos), we can pull a DNA Report that shows top categories for people who saw the ad and then visited the client’s location.

Who validates our OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking visit data?

The technology is through Numerator, who in 2019 purchased Market Track and InfoScout, a third-party insights company built from the largest U.S. purchase panel to verify the precision and coverage of its data at retailers. This data is utilized by comScore for their metrics and it the best in the industry. In August 2021, our visits are now also Media Rating Council (MRC) Accredited.

Now we have a two-prong approach: Numerator measures our accuracy and MRC vetted our entire methodology/accuracy of visits for targeting and measuring campaign performance.

Our OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking is accredited for:

Visitation data set

Place data set (i.e., Blueprints)

Location data set (i.e., location accuracy)

Okay, so that was more than just a few FAQ’s! We are super excited about this new product. It is DVR proof, and it’s not something you have to watch 4 minutes of ads, it is a spot or two and then it’s back to content so you’ll see excellent completion rates. It’s extremely user friendly since there aren’t a lot of competing ads. We have blueprinted every major retailer in the U.S. and are actively adding other points of interest. On average we add 200,000 blueprints per month. We run 100% on connected TVs- full screen and because we run on full size TVs, CTRs are going to be low, so it’s always hard to track return on OTT.  That is- until we had visit tracking data! We can track the device in the household (their phone) who is served the connected TV ad who then walks onto your clients’ locations.

So there you have it. Modern day version of two great tastes that taste great together, now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m craving a Reese’s.


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