Local Searches? 64% Don’t Start With A Search Engine

Local Searches? 64% Don’t Start With A Search Engine

When performing a local search online, many would think that Google-ing it would be the preferred method of inquiry. However, according to a recent study by IDC Custom Solutions, the process is actually quite varied. According to their study, only 36% of individuals performing a local search start with a search engine. What does this mean? Well instead of going to Google, individuals will instead go directly to a specific site or app to find the information they are looking for. So if a business is relying on just Paid Search ads, they are potentially missing a huge percentage of people.  Here’s what the IDC found in their report when they surveyed local searchers,

“…nearly half (48%) said they agreed that when they were looking for more info on a familiar topic, they would start their search at a topic-specific site. Likewise, significant numbers of users seek out specialized sites or apps for specific tasks, and one in five said they rarely used a general engine when searching about their favorite hobbies or interests”.

Local searchers who don't start with a search engine.

The landscape of local search has completely shifted, migrating away from commonly used search engines like Google and Bing in favor of places that the searcher is familiar with, and where there will be information they want. This swing is widely attributed to the influx in digital content and content specific websites and apps. There are too many unique channels that provide a richer experience for the end-user than just search engines.

When examining some specific starting points for local searches, the study found that many different approaches are taken, especially when the content of the search is different. Take a look at the above graphic and notice the range of starting points. Some begin with reviews, which would make sense for those looking for the best product. Some start with a location or map search, which would make sense for those looking to find the nearest location of a store or product. And of course there are those starting with a reservation app/site which makes sense for those looking for the best place to eat.

So what does this mean for digital advertising and, more importantly, your digital display campaign? Well, if it wasn’t clear before, Paid Search Ads Are No Longer King. Content specific websites and apps are pulling in more visitors who know what they want and don’t want to waste time scrolling through search results. Here at Vici, we offer many unique products which target these visitors and the sites they frequent. Want your ads to appear on a variety of sites with sports content? Ad Network Targeting. Need to target new moms who like to stay in shape? Behavioral Targeting. How about everyone attending a certain festival or expo? Mobile Conquesting.

No matter what or who you want to put your brand in front of, you can do that with Digital Ad Targeting. We will make sure that you are seen alongside the content of your choosing so that your ad dollars aren’t being wasted on those who won’t be interested, unlike paid search. To find out more or to begin the best digital campaign you’ve ever run, give us a call or send us an email.


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