Introduction of Social Mirror OTT Ads

Introduction of Social Mirror OTT Ads

As technology advances, so does the need for creativity.   When you can advance both at the same time, that puts you ahead of your competition.  That is what we do.  We always Beta Test new and innovative technologies to keep our clients on the cutting edge.  We want you to have everything that is new and shiny, and an opportunity to shine along with it.

We recently rolled out Social Mirror OTT.  OTT is an acronym for Over The Top.   But, before we dive into Social Mirror OTT, let’s make sure that you’re clear as to what Social Mirror is.

Social Mirror Ads look like your social media display or video posts, but they appear on other websites and apps.  They also run across all devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even gaming devices targeted to the audience that you want to reach.

Each ad links back to the social platform it is mirroring and, has a second call to action button that links to the advertiser’s website!  Ads contain unique social actions related back to the originating platform (for example, the like icon, the heart icon, the pinning icon, the retweet icon… those actions are available). These ads can integrate with all the major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube. Creatively, ads can be  display, video or carousel.

How do these ads work?  Pretty simple, actually!

Step 1: Create a social post and provide us with the URL of that post. Like this example here of a Tweet on Twitter from Yankee Candle:


Now Step 2: Enhance it with additional call to action opportunities.

We take your post and create it as an ad – that looks just like (and links to) the social post – and run it across thousands of websites and apps!

The best part is the ad has three call-to-action opportunities:

  • Clicks on the Social Media logo and your profile image, take the users to your Social Media business page.
  • Clicks on the Call-To-Action button take the users to your website.
  • Clicks on the Social Media icons below the ad take you to that post on your Social Media page

One aspect of Social Mirror ads that differs from that of Social Media Advertising is the ability to reach your target audience.

  • Behavioral Categories – Showing your Social Mirror ads to specific consumers based on their previous on-line behavior, across all devices.
  • Keywords – Showing your Social Mirror ads on webpages and apps that contain keywords related to your business, across all devices.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Showing your Social Mirror ads to people using machine learning to target consumers based on who is engaging with the ad, across all devices.
  • Retargeting– Following people after they leave your website and showing them your Social Mirror ad, on other websites and apps they go to, across all devices.
  • Custom Audience Matching and Look Alike – We target people (or businesses) on your list of emails, addresses, or phone numbers, when they go online and show them Social Mirror ads when they are browsing across websites and apps.

Once we have uploaded your database, we’ll be able to provide you with an Insights Report.  Just another advantage over traditional Social Media Advertising.

In addition to your traditional posts on social media, we can also create Social Mirror Stories Ads as well as create a Social Mirror OTT campaign for you.

OTT, or Over The Top is an umbrella term referring to video programming transmitted via the internet, which bypasses traditional cable or broadcast distribution.   It can be consumed on any device including computers, mobile devices, and Connected (Smart) TVs.

At Vici, all of our OTT campaigns are served ONLY on Connected (Smart) TV’s, the premium and most preferred inventory.

So, with Social Mirror OTT, we are able to take content from your Social Media posts (any of the 8 major social platforms mentioned earlier) and use that content to create an OTT Video commercial.  We’ll take your social post and create an OTT ad that runs on Connected TV’s!  These ads will feature your logo, your business name, even a description on the screen.  To top it off, we’ll also include a QR code that links potential customers to your website.


Let’s talk about how they work:

  • These can be horizontal or vertical videos.
  • Videos can be any length between :10 up to :60.
  • You provide us the URL of the social post and the elements.
  • You provide us the website click through URL and we create the QR code that links to that webpage.
  • Monthly reports will showcase how many scans were received.
  • The ads don’t link to the social account. The QR code instead scans to the desired website.
  • We creates the QR code. Technically, this could be provided to us. However, if that’s the case, we won’t have the ability to report on it.   These ads could also be done without a QR code, if desired.

We’ve just launched this product and have already seen massive success, just like our standard Social Mirror Campaigns.

Your clients turn to you for your expertise.  They rely on you to keep them up to speed on what’s new and what works.  This is new.  This works!

Be the resource to your clients that brings the cutting edge technology to your clients.  Bring the new and shiny and feel confident in the opportunity to produce results.   We’ve already tested this, so you don’t have to.

If you’re looking for opportunities that will make you stand out from your competition, this is it.


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