How To Do A Video Ad Campaign

In today’s fast paced world video is climbing up the marketing ladder, and it is not just for the big dogs anymore, everyone is playing. 87% of online marketers are using video content and it continues to grow! Recent statistics show that one-third of online activity is spent watching video and half of all video content online is viewed on mobile devices.

Here are a few tips on getting your video marketing campaign started:

Who am I talking to? Think about the person you are trying to reach.
Where do they spend the most of their time online?
What are their interests?

Determine your video action items.
When deciding on your goal, first you’ll want to consider if your video is for brand awareness, to generate leads or is it promotional/informational? Once you have settled on that, you can then clarify the content that will be most effective to get that message across.

– What do you want the consumer to do? (what action/conversion do we want them to take)
– What message do we want them to walk away with?
– What is the best way to communicate to my defined audience?

When creating your video outline, make sure to keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate it.

1) Determine your video length. What is the best length to communicate your message. Shorter ads of :15 tend to get better engagement.
2) Have a compelling opening. The first 5 seconds is critical. You must hook viewers initially, so you have a higher completion rate and engagement.
3) Make sure your outline includes visuals that are eye-catching with video and graphics
4) Have a strong closing.

  • If it is brand awareness, make sure you tell them what you want your viewer to know about the brand and make sure that will resonate.
  • If it is to generate leads, make sure YOU TELL THEM and SHOW THEM what you want them to do, multiple times.
  • If it is a promotion or offer, make sure the offer is clear and quick to understand and share.

5) A few factors to keep in mind
• Make sure your video is mobile-friendly (can be viewed on a small screen)
• If sound is off, that the viewer will know what the video ad is about. Many consumers are opting to turn sound off on their devices and on Facebook, 85% of videos viewed on this platform are viewed without sound.

Depending on your budget, videos don’t always require high-end equipment and platforms and instead can now be shot and edited using simple tools like an Iphone, Imovie and even mobile apps like Ripl and Legend. Consider having multiple versions of your videos. These can be used for your initial campaign launch and for future use.

Step 5: LAUNCH
Based on your audience and message make sure you have properly determined which avenue is the best to deliver your video content. A few options to consider:

If you want to target consumers who search certain keywords or phrases KEYWORD TARGETING  would be great start. Keyword targeting is showing your display or video ads on web pages that contain keywords related to your business, across all devices.

If you want to target consumers who have are within a “Type” of audience/category you can use AD NETWORKS.  Showing your display or video ads on groups of websites targeted to the type of audience you want to reach, across all devices.

If you want to target an area or place and several interests like, “in the market to buy a car” “home renovations” for example, choose MOBILE CONQUESTING. Using location based, demographic, and behavioral targeting to reach consumers with display and video ads on their mobile devices.

If you have an event or want to target people about a promotion or service and reach consumers based on their likes and interests, use FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM. Targeting people across all devices on Facebook and Instagram with your display or video ads, in people’s News Feed and on Facebook Audience Network and Facebook Messenger.

If you have a database of previous or current customers or a purchased list, we can target them online with videos ads using IP TARGETING. Matching IP addresses to your list of names and street addresses and showing your display or video ad only to those people, across all devices.

If you are not sure which avenue is best, contact your Vici Trainer to help determine the best path.

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