“Completers” Are Better Than “Clickers”

“Completers” Are Better Than “Clickers”

If you are doing a video pre-roll campaign, there are a lot of metrics you can measure, but which are the most important? Impressions? Click-Through-Rates? Completion Rates? A study done by Vindico clearly demonstrated that what counts for video ad campaigns are Completion Rates, saying,

“Click Through Rate is the King of False Positives”
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The report goes on to explain that the value of viewers who watch your ads to completion (view 100% of your video ad) are much higher than that of viewers who click the ad.  Why?  How do they know?

The study found that a user who arrives at your website by clicking on the ad, rarely goes beyond that landing page before leaving. However, of the users who did navigate past the landing page, 96% of them had watched 100% of the company’s video ads without clicking, compared to just 4% who had clicked on the ads and gone beyond the landing page. And of those navigating to a checkout page, 98% had completed the video ads without clicking. This dramatic difference is despite the fact that the proportion of viewers who arrived at the landing page was relatively evenly split between users who got to the landing page by click and those who got to the landing page on their own.

This study underscores that both clicks and views will drive people to your landing page, but Completion Rates are what drive people to conversions.

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