10 Questions To Ask Your Digital Advertising Company (part 2)

10 Questions To Ask Your Digital Advertising Company (part 2)

white label agency white label media company white labelling agency white labelling media companyIn case you missed it, yesterday we covered the first five questions you must be asking when making decisions on who you should trust with your digital dollars.   If you do any type of advertising it is likely that you have been approached by a digital advertising salesperson or digital advertising vendor.   With so many people seemingly toting the same products it is hard to know who to go with, so knowing the right questions to ask is the key to picking the right digital partner.  Yesterday we covered topics ranging from ad placement, to optimization, to conversion tracking and view-through rates.  Here are the next 5 questions to ask that lead to some key points of differentiation:

6. Do you offer call tracking and can you do dynamic number insertion?

66% of small businesses rated inbound phone calls as their #1 lead source in driving revenue. Call tracking helps clients track their most valuable lead generation – phone calls! It also provides proof of performance for your ad campaign.

Call tracking is an excellent way for clients to track what marketing efforts are generating phone calls without giving up their current phone number. Dynamic number insertion allows us to show a tracking number ONLY to people who click on your ad, allowing you to see just how well your campaign is working.

7. Do you have targeted ad networks?

How do you target potential customers beyond just geographically? Utilizing digital display Ad Networks allows you to show your ad on websites with content targeted to the type of audience you want to reach. Matching your ad to the right audience is crucial and it is important to have options to choose from.

We have 80 different display ad networks to choose from. Each of these networks contains hundreds of websites that index high for the person you are trying to reach. Do you need to reach a Spanish speaking audience? Our ad networks can also be set to Spanish. Pay attention to the amount of options and quality of ad networks your digital provider has available to you.

8. Do you do behavioral targeting?

Behavioral targeting allows you to show your display ads to specific consumers based on their previous online behavior. Behavioral categories are groups of consumers with defined interests and needs. People who have already demonstrated an interest in your product or service. Tapping into these categories allows you to show ads to people who have already demonstrated curiosity in your product or service.

We have a list of 1,400 behavioral categories to choose from and what this means is a there is a category for just about every behavior out there. If your digital salesperson is not talking to you about targeting specific behaviors in addition to geographic targeting and in combination with ad networks, you are missing out on a lot of potential consumers.

9. Do you do keyword targeting?

Keyword targeting is showing your ad to specific users based on the webpages they visit that contain keywords important to you. Using keyword targeting puts you in front of consumers while they are researching your product or service and it is an excellent alternative to pay per click.

We can target up to 500 keywords for you, including your competitors.

10. Can you IP target down to the individual household?

IP targeting is like direct mail for the internet! IP targeting uses a patented technology to match IP addresses to a database of names and physical addresses – allowing you to put your ad right in front of your target audience. Using IP targeting as an alternative to direct mail allows you to have zero wasted impressions and dramatically increases the number of times you are able to reach your target. IP targeting works without cookies so your ad cannot be deleted or blocked. IP targeted can also be utilized to target any specific location such as college campuses, trade shows, conventions, and hotels.

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