The Rise of Location-Targeted Advertising

The Rise of Location-Targeted Advertising

Real estate agents’ favorite line is now moving into the field of digital marketing: location, location, location. The number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing; it is predicted that the number of smartphone users will reach two billion people worldwide this year. This means that where consumers go, their smartphones go as well, creating the perfect environment for location-based marketing.

This past 2015 holiday season, global marketing firm MaxPoint found that of its customers’ total mobile ad spend, 85% went toward location-targeted advertising. Mobile advertising in general made up 57.7% of MaxPoint’s digital ad impressions during that time as well – a jump from the 30.6% of its impressions in 2014. Mobile advertising is continuously evolving, and targeting by location is the change you should pay attention to right now.


It is anticipated that location-targeted mobile ad spend will reach $18.2 billion in 2019; this is a major increase from the $4.3 billion spent in 2014. Location-targeted advertising is rapidly becoming a major player in driving offline actions, like buying a new product in a retail store. If you want consumers to take real, offline action, location targeting is your new best friend.

Location-based mobile targeting allows you to be in front of consumers when they are looking for you, in their micro-moments. It helps you determine consumers’ intent while they are in a physical location, and respond to it accordingly. Are you trying to get people who are in the market for a new car to come to your dealership for a test drive? Find them when they are near you and remind them you are there and you have what they need. Make your directions and phone number easily accessible to help them find you without hassle. Do you have a new product you want to promote? Target consumers when they are near your retail store to bring them in and let them see it first-hand. Location-targeted ads are also a great way to reach groups of like-minded people within the same general area like a concert or sporting event. Maybe you own a local sports bar and want to target everyone at the local football game. You could offer them a discount if they show you their game ticket. Draw them in. Make them notice you and take action.

Location Targeting


Vici has different options to help you start targeting based on location in your digital campaigns. There is Geo-Targeting, which allows you to target a certain radius around a location based on Behavioral and Keyword Targeting; Geo-Fencing, which targets everyone within a certain radius; and Mobile Conquesting, which targets only mobile devices within a certain radius and has 27 different demographic targeting options. So whether you want to target everyone within a designated area, or only those who fit a behavioral category, we can help.

Don’t let consumers forget about you when they are out in the world, surrounded by so many of your competitors.  Reach them when it counts the most; reach them when they can easily reach you.

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