Is Mobile Eclipsing Desktop?

Is Mobile Eclipsing Desktop?

All around the cyber world, especially in the digital marketing universe, people are insisting that mobile usage will soon exceed PC usage. Although mobile usage has grown over the past few years, it has not eclipsed desktop usage. In fact, it seems as though desktop usage is increasing!

According to the chart below from comScore, desktop usage has remained relatively the same over the past two years whereas mobile is increasing:

“So mobile is overtaking desktop?” you may ask. However researchers have found that mobile is not usurping desktop, but rather fueling it. Mobile devices are actually unlocking new web time in the morning and the evening, while desktop traffic is dominating the work days. Mobile’s traffic is definitely growing, but that does not mean it is overtaking. Rather, as mobile grows so does desktop.

So next time you want to alter your strategy, ad sizes, or sites to cater to a mobile market, remember that mobile isn’t the only way to advertise. Have a good mix for both devices!

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