Household IP Targeting: The Digital Replacement of Direct Mail

Household IP Targeting: The Digital Replacement of Direct Mail

Let’s be honest, how often to you get advertisements through direct mail and how often does that marketing piece end up in the recycling bin?  Here’s how direct mail stacks up:


Just how much do consumers dislike direct mail?  51% of people have a negative/very negative reaction to receiving an advertising card or flier through direct mail. This is greater than the 44% of people who react negatively to receiving a bill.  People would rather receive a bill than an advertisement!

Instead of sending your marketing to the bin, there is a way to deliver relevant ads to potential consumers down to the household level, called IP Targeting.  IP Targeting uses sophisticated technology to focus internet advertising to households based on their IP addresses.   This will make sure that your ad will reach qualified prospects, as opposed to direct mail, which may never be seen by potential customers.

We can isolate individual households and show your display or video ads JUST to those particular households that you want to reach.  It’s direct mail for the internet!  You have all the benefits of direct mail without the cost of printing and postage. AND unlike direct mail, it’s not a one time shot.  You can target your potential customer repeatedly and show them your ads.

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