UTM Codes?! I’ve never heard of UTM Codes!

UTM Codes?! I’ve never heard of UTM Codes!

If you are like the majority of the population, you might have never heard of UTM Codes.  And why not?! I don’t know – because they are a great tool to use for measuring your digital campaigns!

UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor.  And that’s what it does – it monitors traffic coming into a site, and specifically names where that traffic is coming from.  So, say you have an ad campaign running with multiple pieces of creative.  You can measure how many clicks you got from a specific ad and see which ones are the most successful!  And for being such a powerful tool, it’s super simple to set up.

So travel on over to this link HERE.

Now, before you jump right in, Google actually has a little cheat sheet at the bottom that can be really helpful when you’re filling out this form!

UTM_01When you load up the page you will need to have the URL the campaign is driving towards.  Enter that URL into the “Website URL” box.


Then grab your little cheat sheet and start filling out the campaign information.


You only need to focus on Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Name.  If you’re using paid keywords, put that information into Campaign Term, and if you are using multiple ads, you can differentiate the two in Campaign Content.

Campaign Source – Who is the vendor?

Campaign Medium – What type of ad?

Campaign Name – What is the campaign itself?

Then hit “Submit”!!  Underneath the button, a link will pop up and this is the link you will use in your ads!  Notice that the text that has been added to the end of the URL matches with the information you just put in.


Now you can keep track of where your clicks are coming from on Google Analytics! Just head on over to your Google Analytics site page and go to [Acquisition] > [Traffic].  Remember what you put for Source and Medium?  Here’s where you can put your memory to good use.



And ta da!  Easy tracking for your campaign. Hooray UTMs!


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