The Future of Digital Advertising 2015 vs 2019

The Future of Digital Advertising 2015 vs 2019

Digital marketing is expected to have a bright future. As consumer behavior migrates online, so will advertiser spending. In fact, online advertising is expected to overtake TV advertising in size by 2019.

Below is an infographic that details the amount of spending and where that spending will be allocated:

Media Growth 2015-2019

TV advertising spending is projected to grow from 71.1 billion this year to 81 billion in 2019, this will be second to online advertising which is expected to reach 83.9 billion in 2019. Other popular forms of advertising such as radio and magazine advertising are expected to remain fairly stagnant over the next couple of years, whereas newspaper is expected to decline. Out-of-home advertising is expected to increase, but this could be because of a growth in digital in-home advertising.

Not surprising given the growth of digital advertising, the above chart shows that even among traditional media outlets, much of their projected growth in the next several years will be powered by adding digital to their traditional advertising products.

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