Quick- How Many Pages Are On Your Website?

Quick- How Many Pages Are On Your Website?

It’s a fact: Google loves content creators.  And the more credible, keyword rich content on your site, the better Google ranks your website.  So how many pages do you have indexed in Google? It’s easy to check!

Step 1: Go to Google.com

Step 2: In the browser field type “site:http://insertyourwebsite.com/” (no spaces, don’t forget the colon!)

Step 3: Google it!

And voila! The number of search results Google produces is the number of pages you have indexed on your website. Check out our indexing:

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Currently www.vicimediainc.com is indexing for 201 pages.  Want to add more pages? An easy way is to start a blog, like this, and every new post you publish creates another page.

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