Mobile Optimization- option or necessity?

Mobile Optimization- option or necessity?

I can’t even imagine a time when information wasn’t at our fingertips. When I am out with my friends and one of us has a question no one can answer, I can immediately pull out my phone (I am more attached to it than I’d like to admit), and answer their question within a minute. In turn, it makes sense that mobile optimization would be a huge asset to your business. A strong mobile marketing strategy could have your mobile visitors turning into customers.

According to virtual-strategy, a phone is present at every stage of the buying process:

  • 50% use it on the way to the store
  • 60% use their smartphones IN the store
  • 39% of walkouts are influenced by smartphones

Obviously, not providing for this population would be detrimental to your business’s revenues since:

  • 73% of mobile searches will prompt the user to call, visit, or follow up in some way, and
  • 48% of mobile users who find a site that is not mobile-friendly assume the company doesn’t care about their business.

You could unknowingly be alienating half your clientele!

In order to cater to these individuals, there are simple ideas you can implement in your mobile marketing:

  • First, keyword targeting with display ads is always a good idea. It will help you capitalize on local search terms and since most businesses are found through an organic search, keyword targeting is always a benefit to have. To learn more about how keyword targeting with display ads is different from Pay-Per-Click, click here.
  • Next, include a mobile ad size when advertising for your company. 320×50 is the most common, and it is an easy way to create a sleek user experience. Also mobile ads get 3 times more clicks than most ads.

With smartphones increasingly becoming people’s go-to for exploring websites and the online world, it makes sense to have an optimized mobile site. A strong mobile marketing strategy and strong optimization is mutually beneficial for both the user and the company. It will encourage people to purchase from your business, and your business will have a higher revenue. Who doesn’t want that?

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