Meet Megan “Sully” Sullivan and Shay Edwards

Meet Megan “Sully” Sullivan and Shay Edwards

Vici is excited to welcome Megan “Sully” Sullivan and Shay Edwards to the team!  They are both based out of the Philadelphia location.   Sully’s background is in digital marketing, corporate relations, and promotions, while Shay’s expertise is in marketing, communications, and social media management.  During our last hiring cycle we had hundreds of potential ad buyers apply and these two superstars rose to the top.  Here’s a peak into the lives of our new Digital Campaign Coordinators:

Top 5 Things About Sully as told by Sully:

  1.  I am from Arlington, VA which is right outside of DC. Don’t worry I’m not a DC sports fan except for a love/hate relationship with the Nationals.  While I am from the DC area, my family from Detroit brainwashed me into being a Detroit sports fan. I understand the Lions and Tigers have been pretty terrible, but I did get the chance to celebrate a Pistons NBA championship and multiple Red Wing Stanley Cup victories. If I stuck with my hometown teams I wouldn’t have seen any championships, so it’s been a fair trade
  2. Hotty Toddy! Fins Up! I am an alum from the University of Mississippi.  Since I spent the better part of 4 years down south I apologize in advance if I drop a y’all or all y’all in conversation.
  3. My absolute favorite food are traditional style chicken wings. I like hot wings, mild, bbq, etc; however, I have a firm opinion that boneless chicken wings are just glorified chicken nuggets. If I were ever to cheat on chicken wings it would be with nachos.
  4. I have a great sense of humor. I appreciate a good pun and the occasional dad joke.
  5. When I am not working, I love to play tennis, go on walking trails, binge shows on Netflix and Hulu, and work on DIY projects that I adapt from Pinterest.

Top 5 Things About Shay as told by Shay:

  1.  I recently adopted a kitten, my little cat child! His name is Po.
  2.  I traveled up the east coast all the way to the northern tip of Nova Scotia in a van with my good friend and my foster dog at the time, Hank. The van was built out with a tiny bed in the back, and we had a portable stove. We drove into camp sites late at night and would leave to get back on the road before the sun came up, or we found Walmart parking lots to park in overnight. That was the single best experience of my life so far.
  3. My favorite music is pop punk music. Some of my all-time favorite bands are Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, and Modern Baseball. I could type about 25 more, but I’ll spare you.
  4. I am an Aquarius! If you follow horoscopes, you’ll know I’m a very average sign, I don’t necessarily get very strong reactions when I tell people that’s what my sign is. My birthday is January 24th.
  5. Let’s discuss Netflix shows. Okay, I am currently finishing up season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder, I am ADDICTED. Some of my other favorites have been Weeds, Californication, Gypsy, Atypical, and Skins. I have never watched Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, and I have absolutely zero answer as to why, I just feel like it may be too large of a commitment to take on at the moment.

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