Just What Is An Effective CTA?

Just What Is An Effective CTA?

Call To ActionCTA is Call-To-Action!  You can have the greatest digital strategy implemented but if your ads don’t have an equally great CTA – a compelling reason for the person to click or convert – then your campaign will not get the results you want.

So, just what is an effective CTA?  Something that reaches out and grabs your potential customer and causes them to WANT to engage with you.  Here are some of the pro’s tips for making your CTA an A+:
In your copy use the words “new”, “free”, “you”, “instantly”, “because”, “imagine”.
New:  I know, seems over done, but there is a reason for that…It works.  Experts say that psychologically using the word “new” makes the person feel that what is being offered is special for them.
Free:  Also one where you’re probably thinking, “really?”  Yes, “free” like “new” makes us feel special and generates an emotional response.  But it does have to be something the person values to be effective.
You:  By using “you” it creates the perception that of individualizing and personalizing your message to the person.  And here is an extra tip.  Even better than using “you” or “your” is to use “my.” As in, “create my account” or “receive my free offer.” (Click to read more about this)
Immediately:  (“instantly” or “now” too)  No big surprise here that we all want Instant gratification.  Your CTA has to create a sense of urgency where I have to do it now or I might lose out!
Because:  Tell the person why they should act. “Because” telegraphs to the person that important information is coming next.
Imagine:  Research shows that if you just tell a person to do something, there will be resistance with most people.  However, if you ask them to “imagine” buying or owning something for example, that resistance isn’t there.

For more info on these powerful words read “The Power Behind Your Call To Action” and “How To Use These 3 Hypnotic “Power Words”

It’s also important to remember that your CTA should be on your website as well as your ads.  Did you know that typically you have less than 8 seconds to convince people to stay on your website page?  So that CTA needs to be eye catching, very visible, and compelling!

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