Yes, mobile advertising is a must – but so are desktops and laptops. Here’s why. Even people who are heavy mobile users still prefer to sit comfortably with their computer and make purchases from their keyboard.



It is no surprise that mobile usage is up – way up! Check out any pack of teenagers, moms at the park, the commuter train and you will see that everyone has their face buried in their device. This should be exciting news for retailers… look at all of these people with immediate access to procure our products!

You would think there is some mad shopping going on…but the fact remains that desktop and laptop PCs still account for an outright majority of retail ecommerce site traffic. In fact, and eMarketer article reported that a survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) asked respondents to choose the top three reasons why they do not purchase products more frequently via mobile, and more than half of mobile device users said they simply prefer to use a PC.

So even as phones become more and more resourceful and sophisticated (some you can even dunk into your fish tank), they are still proving a bit difficult to shop on for many people. The screen is just too small which makes it challenging to examine items and one of the main reasons people say it is just too hard to shop on phones is that it is excruciatingly hard to physically enter the information on a mobile keyboard unless you have extremely tiny fingers. Our fingers are just too fat to shop.

Does this mean we shouldn’t advertise digitally to people on their smartphones? NO! It just means that like any good marketing campaign, we should diversify and make sure we are reaching people on all devices. Advertising on mobile is still extremely effective in driving people to the site and eventually to their laptop to seal the deal.
Another excellent option to consider is our Mobile Conquesting product. Mobile Conquesting uses expandable ads which gives you more real estate to show offers rather than just a tiny banner at the bottom of the smartphone screen.

As always, it is all about balance and diversification. Reaching people while their phone is in their face and reaching people while their hands are on their keyboard.