Be MORE than just a digital salesperson

Be MORE than just a digital salesperson

It is important to make sure to stand out to your clients. According to some recent sales statistics, it takes 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect and once you get the interest of a prospect, it then takes 5 follow-up calls to take things to the next step. Fact is we live in a busy world and prospects want things when they want it and will choose to allow time when it is right for them.

Here are a few tips to follow once you get an interested prospect or get the sale.


45% of sales goes to the vendor that responds the fastest. Being responsive shows your client that  not only do you care, but that you have made time for them when they are ready. Clients do not care that you have other clients or a busy schedule. They want to know you can service them when they need you.

Take a general interest in their business and what really matters to them. When they ask you questions, make sure you re-read it a few times before responded or think about and digest and respond with firm recommendations and information. Be careful not to overwhelm them, they need to understand clearly what you are sharing, It is best to keep it simple. Make sure to site examples or exerts from previous meetings, as well as always use their product names or services. That shows you have done your homework and that you are invested.

You want to make sure you are prepared and then help your client be prepared during the sales process. Offer recommendations, set schedule expectations and stay on top of workflow. Most clients are looking to you to help guide them thru their journy and to pay attention to the details and to not let them fall thru the cracks. Next, walk thru the process of your digital marketing campaign from a consumers perspective (not yours).

FOR EXAMPLE ask yourself these questions:
How can I get the consumers attention?
What would make a consumer in my demo want to click on this ad or find out more info on this product or service and go to the client’s website?
What would the consumer want to see once they clicked on the ad or visited the site on their own?
Are the conversions easy to find? (click to call, form fill, special offer info, etc.)

Test the Call button and form fill submission or whatever conversion metrics are in place on the clients website, to make sure this process is smooth.There is nothing worse then launching a campaign and there is a breakdown on the consumer process.

Do not tune out once you get the sale. Often times once a salesperson gets the “Sale” they want to move on to the next sale. Make sure to check with your digital manager to make sure everything is on track during the course of the campaign. This cannot be a, SET IT AND FORGET IT mindset. Clients love to hear what you are seeing along the way. During the campaign it is also great to make sure all elements of the campaign are still working properly or if creative needs to be adjusted or updated. Freshness in a campaign is key.

Make sure to share your digital campaign monthly reports with your client. If we were successful in installing a container tag, we will track conversions.
Clients LOVE seeing conversions, because digital is more than just about clicks. We want consumers to take action and these reports will show what actions they took from the advertising efforts.

In summary be the brand champion your clients want you to be, and always look for ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Smile, listen, be prepared and informative, respond quickly and most of all CARE!


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