Why We LOVE Canva

Why We LOVE Canva

Have you ever struggled to make ad creative for your campaign? Well you’re in luck because there is a fabulous and free service called Canva. Canva is a great option for business owners or those who want to do-it-themselves to create quality graphics to market their company.

Here’s how Canva helps the everyday business owner:

Canva is super user friendly.  It makes it easy to create visually appealing content in a reasonable amount of time. Canva has a variety of layouts and templates to choose from, which range from social media banners to business cards. You also have the option of creating your own design, but if that doesn’t seem feasible, the templates will easily accommodate your design needs.

In addition, you can select images of your own and upload them to Canva, or you have the option to purchase stock photos from Canva’s library. At an average of a dollar per photo, it’s much cheaper than other stock photo websites’ prices.

Canva also lets you easily customize your design. Did you want to add your company’s logo or icon? No problem! That’s easy in Canva. You can also choose the text option to adjust the color and and size which will create text that stands out and attracts the reader. If you can’t find the one you like, Canva has plenty of pre-formatted text options for more eye-catching content layouts.

Once that is finished, you have the option of printing your design or sending it through e-mail. You can also post your design straight to social media by using the “share” option on Canva.

With engaging text, a savvy layout, and your logo included in the design, your image for your next promotion will be recognizable and eye-catching. And BTW this is NOT a sponsored post.  We don’t do them.  We just trust us, Canva is great.

Try Canva!

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