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We can target your display advertising so that you reach just the people who are likely to become customers. We do this through Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Geo-Targeting, Keyword Targeting, and our Display Advertising Networks of websites. We provide access to thousands of national websites, targeting customers only in your geographical area.

Are you capturing people who are most likely to become a customer? Those are the people who have been to your website but didn’t convert. Our retargeting can follow people on thousands of publisher websites with display, with video, or onto Facebook and Instagram.

This is the next generation of direct mail advertising. We take your database of names (or from a purchased list) and match the household address to their IP address. Once matched, we can show ads just to those individual households. It is laser targeted just to the people you want to reach, and unlike direct mail where you have one opportunity to reach the household, you can repeatedly show them your ad – with no wasted impressions.
Our Mobile Conquesting product allows dealerships to use both location based targeting combined with demographic and behavioral targeting to reach desired automotive intenders on their mobile devices. We place your ads across premium mobile apps and mobile web browsing sites within the geo-fenced area you want to reach. We offer dynamically updated ads that show the user the distance they are from your location. We can even “geo-conquest” around your competitors locations down to a 500 feet radius. And, we can combine geo-fencing with targeted layers of demographic and behavioral categories. Why is hyper targeting so important? research states “81% percent of car shoppers use smartphones to do research when buying a car, including 63% who use their phones while at a dealership.”
Video advertising is exploding across the internet. We can take your video ad and target it to the potential customers you want to reach by placing it across our Video Advertising Networks of websites. This takes their advertising beyond just YouTube to include thousands of national websites that offer video content.  There are five ways to target with video: retargeting, IP targeting, behavioral targeting, keyword targeting, or geotargeting with our ad networks.

Search Engine Optimization is about improving your visibility in search engines like Google so that more people find their business. Our SEO campaigns include keyword research, creating incoming links, submitting to search engines, analyzing your website structure and tags – everything on-the-page and off-the-page that needs to be done to improve your search ranking. Our SEO campaigns include our Reputation Management platform where you can monitor your SEO as well as your online reputation and social media, all from one portal.

We use the native advertising capabilities of Facebook and Instagram to target social users demographically, by their interests, or behaviors. We also offer more advanced social advertising features, such as importing an email or phone number database to market to only those users. Using this database we can create a custom audience “look-a-like” match to find the top 1% of social users who match your existing customers. Ask us about our location awareness ads which feature a “call now” with call tracking or “get directions”, as well as our social “lead ads” for people on their smartphones to easily request more information about your business.

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