Agency FAQ

Agency FAQs

Frankly, it's the best in the business and we'll back that up with references from our clients.   Vici moves at the speed of your business.  Our Trainers and operations teams offer support in multiple time zones on the phone, via email, or login to our “Frequently Asked Questions” portal that gives you instant access to vast array of answers to digital topics, which is updated every week. We pride ourselves in above and beyond customer service for all of our clients.
Our team creates presentations, one sheets, and other collateral that meets your company’s brand standards.  Receive our success stories, pre-built proposals, category-specific decks, and reporting that is client-facing.  Your client will never see, hear, or know about Vici – we work for you.
Our clients have 24-7 access to an online reporting portal, Reporting.Zone that gives you key performance indicators about your campaign.   We can even give your client access to this dashboard.  We report impressions, click-through-rate, view-through-rate, publisher performance, creative performance, device performance across mobile/desktop/tablet, geographic reporting, conversion reporting and much, much, more.  Ask for a tour of our reporting portal.
Agency training consists of three (60-90 minute) web/phone trainings.  During the first training you will learn all the digital products and how to use the "Client Capabilities Presentation" to explain digital advertising to your clients.  During the second training you will learn about the digital buying process, plus our easy-to-use online Request For Proposal and Insertion Order portal.  The third training guides you through reading and interpreting reports, as well as mastering the digital pitch.  Once your onboarding is complete you have access to weekly webinars every Wednesday at 12n eastern on a variety of digital topics from deep dives on ad products, to new offerings, and prospecting to closing.
We work with agencies big and small across the country who specialize in a variety of industries including: direct mail, media buying, creative production, as well as industry-specific verticals.
All digital media planning and media buying is done in-house.  We work with an estimated 444 Private Marketplaces (PMPs) and 1385 Ad Exchanges, through our Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) partners.  Each campaign is assigned a Vici Campaign Manager who handles your client’s campaign optimization.  No "set it and forget it" with Vici campaigns!
Vici has managed digital campaigns with SMBs in hundreds of retail categories from events to med spas to restaurants.   To support bigger marketing budgets in automotive, political, concert promotion, financial, and higher education we’ve created industry-specific decks to give you the expertise to win new clients.
At Vici we not only fulfill digital campaigns, but we also handle campaign planning.  Our client support portal gives you access to our Request For Proposal (RFP) system, which you can use to submit requests 24-7.  Once we receive your request our team of digital specialists create a Digital Campaign Planner specific to your client’s business and return it to you within 2 business days.
Once your onboarding is complete you have access to LIVE weekly webinars every Wednesday at 12n eastern on a variety of digital topics. Your Vici Trainer is also available to you to answer questions at anytime and help you service your existing clients and win new ones.
Outside of working with agencies across the country, Vici also partners with traditional media groups in television, radio, billboard, and print.  We specialize in integrating our products with traditional media efforts, offering training to account managers managing multiple mediums.
Vici works as your digital department completely behind the scenes.  We provide collateral with your brand standards and support on the phone under your company name.  We are an extension of you.
We pride ourselves with speed and accuracy whenever you or your client’s need help.  For technical assistance we will either craft an email you can rebrand as your own or we can jump on the phone white labeled as your business.
We work with 1-person agency shops on up!
We are VERY hands-on.  Our superb customer service and expert training is not the only thing sets Vici apart.  We offer campaign optimization, in-depth reports and campaign dashboards.  We work with an estimated 444 Private Marketplaces (PMPs) and 1385 Ad Exchanges, through our Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) partners.  And our operations team is the best in the business with digital strategy and campaign management.  Don't take our word for it, ask to speak to some of our clients or read our Google Reviews.
We customize each client’s digital strategy and media planner to their needs and varying budgets.  Based on the client’s historical web traffic, the local search volume, and target demographic we create plans to suit both large and small ad budgets.
You will have your own Vici Trainer who works as your point person that is always reachable by email and phone.  Getting help is easy without having to submit a support ticket.
Email our Managing Partner, your interest and we will set up a call to discuss next steps.