Senior Digital Buyer

Hanna Walentukonis Senior Digital Buyer

Hanna is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici Media. She specializes in creating campaigns across numerous platforms for an array of clients in diverse fields and departments. Her background in Telecommunications has allowed her to establish a concrete understanding of the media and communication industries. Her interest in media has let her recognize the significance of technology as it is essential to allow our world of digital marketing to flourish. In Hanna’s free time, she enjoys hanging out with…

Nicolette Alessi Senior Digital Buyer

Nicolette is an alumna of the Fox School of Business at Temple University. Nicolette’s degree in Marketing helps her understand consumer’s decision-making process and the influences that explain their buying behavior. Her perception of consumer motivations gives her unique insights with market segmentation. In her free time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, bake, and watch new TV shows.

Matt Ogden Senior Digital Buyer

Matt is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici Media with Google Ads certificates in Display, Search, and Video. His background in digital marketing and journalism and his passion for problem solving gives him the ability to effectively optimize digital campaigns across industries for clients around the country. Matt is an alumnus of Penn State University and enjoys listening to music and watching the Philadelphia 76ers.

Bree Baccarini Senior Digital Buyer

Bree is a proud alumna of Temple University with a degree in International Business and a concentration in Marketing. This gives her a unique understanding of purchasing behaviors from consumers of all backgrounds and how best to target them. In her free time she enjoys going on hikes, curling up with a good book, and traveling to new places.

Carly Manna Senior Digital Buyer

Carly’s degree in psychology has given her the ability to anticipate buying behavior and trends by understanding underlying cognitive biases. Applying these psychological insights allows her to optimize campaigns and ads across all platforms and settings. In her free time Carly enjoys partaking in outdoor activities, relaxing at the beach with a good book, and spending time with her friends, family and dog.

Rachel Choi Senior Digital Buyer

Rachel is a Senior Digital Buyer who helps the Vici team with running campaigns for clients all across the country in industries, such as retail, food, medicine and much more. Utilizing her degree in Design & Merchandising from Drexel University and her experience in buying, she knows how important it is to make sure that businesses are using digital marketing as a tool to help them grow daily in today’s world of technology. In her free time, Rachel enjoys…

Alyssa Aileo Senior Digital Buyer and New Reporting Innovation

Alyssa is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici Media. She has practical experience in a variety of marketing settings, but enjoys using her skills and passion for digital trends to effectively develop and implement comprehensive media campaigns for her clients. Alyssa has run campaigns for a variety of clients, including car dealerships, universities, wedding venues, and dental/medical offices.  In her free time, you can find her listening to podcasts, hanging with her dog, or cheering on the Philadelphia Flyers.

Lauren Hunter Senior Digital Buyer

Lauren Hunter is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici, and holds certifications in both Google Analytics and Google Display Ads.  Lauren has a passion for digital marketing and analytics and is always reading up on new industry changes and trends. In her free time Lauren enjoys exercising, reading, and cooking.  Lauren is a proud Temple university alumna.

Mallory Hoenig Senior Digital Buyer and New Product Innovation

Mallory is a Senior Digital Buyer specializing in new product innovation at Vici Media and is Google Analytics and Google Ads Certified. Utilizing her degree in Marketing and Digital Communications, she successfully plans, executes, and optimizes hundreds of campaigns for clients all across the country. Mallory has a great deal of experience planning and buying campaigns for health services, auto companies, restaurants, government programs, schools and universities, and many more. In her free time, you can catch her listening…

Dan “Renn” Renninger Senior Digital Buyer and New Talent Development

Dan Renninger, better known as Renn, is a Senior Digital Buyer with Vici specializing in new talent development and is certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics.  After graduating from Temple with a focus on advertising and business, Renn has successfully run hundreds of advertising campaigns for his clients.  Renn is passionate about helping smaller businesses who do not yet have a marketing team assembled and often finds himself turning to his favorite mentors, Les Brown, Tai Lopez, and…