Senior Digital Buyer

Lauren Hunter Senior Digital Buyer

Lauren Hunter is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici, and holds certifications in both Google Analytics and Google Display Ads.  Lauren has a passion for digital marketing and analytics and is always reading up on new industry changes and trends. In her free time Lauren enjoys exercising, reading, and cooking.  Lauren is a proud Temple university alumna.

Andrew Shapiro Senior Digital Buyer

Andrew is a Digital Campaign Coordinator at Vici with experience in business development, B2B sales, and social media content. Now he plans and manages ad campaigns for a wide variety of clients to grow their businesses online. Andrew is a proud alumni of the University of Maryland and always enjoys learning about new trends in marketing.

Jennifer Bollinger Senior Digital Buyer

Jennie is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici and is Google Analytics Certified.  Combining her creative communication skills and technical savvy, she successfully plans, implements, and manages hundreds of campaigns nationwide. Jennie has run campaigns in various industries ranging from medical centers, universities, car dealerships, government programs and restaurants. She utilizes her degrees in Digital Marketing and Communications with focus in Public Relations to produce significant, precise results for her clients.

Faith Koerner Senior Digital Buyer

Faith Koerner is a Senior Digital Buyer with Vici and Google Analytics Certified. She has run campaigns in various industries ranging from local medical centers to national sports teams. Faith utilizes her degrees in Marketing and Psychology with a focus in Consumer Behavior to produce significant, tangible results for her clients. She is hands-on in several campaign development phases including media planning, implementation, and optimization. Creating strong relationships with the Vici team members and her markets’ digital managers has…

Mallory Hoenig Senior Digital Buyer

Mallory is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici Media and Google Analytics and Google Ads Certified. Utilizing her degree in Marketing and Digital Communications, she successfully plans, executes, and optimizes hundreds of campaigns for clients all across the country. Mallory has a great deal of experience planning and buying campaigns for health services, auto companies, restaurants, government programs, schools and universities, and many more. In her free time, you can catch her listening to music or binge-watching the most…

Charles Ulmer Senior Digital Buyer

Charlie is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici Media. He concurrently runs the setup and implementation of approximately sixty digital advertising campaigns at any given time. He creates digital campaign proposals for our partner media markets and advertising agencies. Charlie is also our client liaison in our Philadelphia office handling and resolving current and prospective clients’ inquiries. In his free time, he enjoys practicing public speaking, studying philosophy, and drinking sparkling water!

Dan “Renn” Renninger Senior Digital Buyer

Dan Renninger, better known as Renn, is a Senior Digital Buyer with Vici and is certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics.  After graduating from Temple with a focus on advertising and business, Renn has successfully run hundreds of advertising campaigns for his clients.  Renn is passionate about helping smaller businesses who do not yet have a marketing team assembled and often finds himself turning to his favorite mentors, Les Brown, Tai Lopez, and Gary Vaynerchuk to fuel his…