Meet the Team

Todd Schumacher Founder and Managing Partner

Todd Schumacher is Founder and Managing Partner of Vici. Todd has over 20 years of experience in sales and general management in broadcast and digital media. He has worked for some of the leading companies in the industry with Susquehanna, Cox Media Group, and Summit Media. His accomplishments include being named Large Market General Sales Manager Of The Year by Radio Ink. Most recently he spent nine years as the Market Manager of the Louisville radio stations for Cox…

Megan Malone Founding Partner

Megan Malone is a Founding Partner with Vici, and leads our Operations division. Megan has both a radio and digital marketing background working for the Philadelphia Eagles, Beasley Broadcast Group, and Cox Media Group. Megan is Google Analytics Certified and has certifications from the Center for Sales Strategy (management, marketing strategy, brainstorming), a certification from Disney Institute’s People Management, and was awarded the top 10 advertisers in Louisville from the American Advertisers Federation in 2012.

Leslye Schumacher Founding Partner

Leslye Schumacher is a Founding Partner and heads up our training efforts with our clients and she is Advanced Google Analytics Certified.  Leslye’s background in media spans 25 years and includes working for both large and mid-size television, radio and newspaper companies. She has held positions in sales, management, marketing and sales event planning and production.  Leslye has extensive experience in training salespeople and coaching managers.  She is a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant and a Certified Sales Talent Analyst,…

Kiri Tamte-Horan Director of Digital Operations

Kiri Tamte-Horan is the Director of Digital Operations at Vici, and oversees the stellar Philadelphia Operations team through the creation, implementation, and reporting of all digital campaigns as well as leading the charge on our technology development.  Kiri has managed hundreds of campaigns spanning Display, Video, and Social platforms, and has generated countless calls and conversions for clients across the country.  Kiri is certified in Google Tag Manager and Acquisio, as well as Google Advertising.  Additionally, Kiri has a…

Gary Rozynek Senior Partner

Gary Rozynek is a Senior Partner with Vici. Gary has over 30 years experience in the media and advertising sector and is Google Analytics Certified. He spent 15 years managing radio operations in Indianapolis, Washington DC and Boston. His entrepreneurial background includes being an operating partner in two media companies, Connoisseur Communications and Maverick Media which owned and operated over 65 radio stations across the country. As a results-oriented, hands-on executive, he utilizes his leadership skills to help companies…

Dana Bojcic Senior Partner

Dana Bojcic is a Senior Partner with Vici and is Google Analytics Certified. Dana has 20 years of experience in working for and with advertising agencies and media companies. She is an accomplished sales trainer and sales management coach. Dana’s background also includes a decade of experience as a certified Sales Talent Analyst for the Center For Sales Strategy. Her unique background enables her to train and coach digital salespeople and managers and bring out their best.

Laura Ostrowski Digital Operations Manager

Laura Ostrowski is the Digital Operations Manager at Vici, and assists in managing the growing Philadelphia Operations team and and training of new team members. She also plans and manages numerous digital campaigns across display, video, and social platforms. Laura is certified in Google Ads for search and display and has a diverse background in marketing, communications, and linguistics.

Dan “Renn” Renninger Senior Digital Buyer and New Talent Development

Dan Renninger, better known as Renn, is a Senior Digital Buyer with Vici specializing in new talent development and is certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics.  After graduating from Temple with a focus on advertising and business, Renn has successfully run hundreds of advertising campaigns for his clients.  Renn is passionate about helping smaller businesses who do not yet have a marketing team assembled and often finds himself turning to his favorite mentors, Les Brown, Tai Lopez, and…

Mallory Hoenig Senior Digital Buyer and New Product Innovation

Mallory is a Senior Digital Buyer specializing in new product innovation at Vici Media and is Google Analytics and Google Ads Certified. Utilizing her degree in Marketing and Digital Communications, she successfully plans, executes, and optimizes hundreds of campaigns for clients all across the country. Mallory has a great deal of experience planning and buying campaigns for health services, auto companies, restaurants, government programs, schools and universities, and many more. In her free time, you can catch her listening…

Faith Koerner Senior Digital Buyer

Faith Koerner is a Senior Digital Buyer with Vici and Google Analytics Certified. She has run campaigns in various industries ranging from local medical centers to national sports teams. Faith utilizes her degrees in Marketing and Psychology with a focus in Consumer Behavior to produce significant, tangible results for her clients. She is hands-on in several campaign development phases including media planning, implementation, and optimization. Creating strong relationships with the Vici team members and her markets’ digital managers has…

Tricia Atchison Business Manager

Tricia Atchison joined the Vici team as the Business Manager and handles all the billing and questions the rest of us can’t answer. She has over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Management. The majority of her career has been in healthcare. While she may be new to the digital marketing world, she is no stranger to the business side of things.

Jennifer Bollinger Senior Digital Buyer

Jennie is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici and is Google Analytics Certified.  Combining her creative communication skills and technical savvy, she successfully plans, implements, and manages hundreds of campaigns nationwide. Jennie has run campaigns in various industries ranging from medical centers, universities, car dealerships, government programs and restaurants. She utilizes her degrees in Digital Marketing and Communications with focus in Public Relations to produce significant, precise results for her clients.

Lauren Hunter Senior Digital Buyer

Lauren Hunter is a Senior Digital Buyer at Vici, and holds certifications in both Google Analytics and Google Display Ads.  Lauren has a passion for digital marketing and analytics and is always reading up on new industry changes and trends. In her free time Lauren enjoys exercising, reading, and cooking.  Lauren is a proud Temple university alumna.

Alyssa Aileo Senior Digital Buyer

Alyssa is a Digital Campaign Coordinator at Vici Media. She has practical experience in a variety of marketing settings, but enjoys using her skills and passion for digital trends to effectively develop and implement comprehensive media campaigns for her clients. Alyssa has run campaigns for a variety of clients, including car dealerships, universities, wedding venues, and dental/medical offices.  In her free time, you can find her listening to podcasts, hanging with her dog, or cheering on the Philadelphia Flyers.

Rachel Choi Senior Digital Buyer

Rachel is a Senior Digital Buyer who helps the Vici team with running campaigns for clients all across the country in industries, such as retail, food, medicine and much more. Utilizing her degree in Design & Merchandising from Drexel University and her experience in buying, she knows how important it is to make sure that businesses are using digital marketing as a tool to help them grow daily in today’s world of technology. In her free time, Rachel enjoys…

Alex D’Ascenzo Digital Campaign Coordinator

Alex is a Digital Campaign Coordinator at Vici Media. A background in marketing and finance along with obtaining various digital certifications has allowed him to utilize analytics and data when making suggestions for his clients. The growing world of Digital Marketing allows him and the rest of the team offer a platform that all types of businesses can take advantage of. In Alex’s free time, he likes to spend time with friends in family, travel the city of Philadelphia…

Carly Manna Digital Campaign Coordinator

Carly’s degree in psychology has given her the ability to anticipate buying behavior and trends by understanding underlying cognitive biases. Applying these psychological insights allows her to optimize campaigns and ads across all platforms and settings. In her free time Carly enjoys partaking in outdoor activities, relaxing at the beach with a good book, and spending time with her friends, family and dog.

Steve “SEO Steve” Weir SEO Specialist

Steve has been involved in technology from the beginning of his career, and has been involved with internet marketing and SEO since the first internet boom in the year 2000.  Steve played an integral role in developing the product, SEO, and marketing strategy of and and helped these sites see over 1.6 Million daily visitors!  At Vici, Steve has helped local businesses all across the country with their Search Engine and internet marketing strategy.  Steve has an…